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Jay! Accepts Nicole Sandler's Invite to Explain Privilege & Intersectionality (with tweets) · Katie_Speak · Storify
"After listening to the TWiB team go back & forth w/Nicole Sandler on Arquette's intersectional fail, Jay! spotted an underlying communication gap: Sandler thought the criticism of PA was that she left something out, not that she "overspoke." He reached out & offered to walk Sandler through it."
intersectionality  nicolesandler  jay!  privilige  2015  listening  elonjameswhite  bestoftheleft  patriciaarquette 
february 2015 by robertogreco
▶ The Oscars and learning the craft of being good - YouTube
"In this installment of The Illipsis, Jay Smooth turns a critical (side) eye to the Academy Awards. While this year's presentation was the most "explicitly political" Oscars ceremony in years, the academy selections and nominees also managed to represent "the most exclusionary, white-ish, dudebro-ish" aspect of Hollywood. The mentality of the anonymously quoted "Oscar voter" revealed in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, explains how the Academy's view of racists as "cretinous snaggletoothed hillbillys" masks the more insidious, covert racism that continues to taint the Academy's reputation."
gender  race  bias  goodness  2015  jaysmooth  academyawards  self-presevation  humanism  justice  socialjustice  craft  canon  racism  hollywood  liberalism  seanpenn  patriciaarquette  intersectionality  imperfection  beinggood  exclusion  inclusion  statusquo  perpetuation  change  inlcusivity  inclusivity 
february 2015 by robertogreco

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