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Begone Paywall - Chrome Web Store
"A simple paywall bypasser for news websites because I'm a broke college student.
Begone Paywall is exactly what the name suggests: a paywall bypasser.

All soft paywalls operate using `localStorage` and cookies. Every time you read an article, the website stores that information in the `localStorage`. For the majority of the time, you could simply use incognito mode to access the article. However, I noticed that some sites started adding in an incognito blocker which is super annoying and requires a user to manually clear `localStorage`. This extension automates that process.

Unfortunately, this paywall bypasser does NOT work on hard paywalls like the ones on the DailyTelegraph (

Also, this might log you out of sites like Quora.

Currently working on a way for users to add their own lists to this extension rather than having me hard code all the sites in.

Please submit an issue to GitHub:

Or email me at for issues/list updates.

Thank you!"
chrome  extensions  paywalls 
august 2019 by robertogreco
Society for Marine Mammalogy plenary talk: Asha de Vos - YouTube
[via: ]

"Listen as Dr. Asha de Vos talks about the current marine conservation climate and the need for changing it to change the trajectory of marine conservation. She speaks from her experiences as a researcher from a developing country accessing a field that is largely developed country focused."
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april 2019 by robertogreco

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