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Nostalgia for the Now | HiLobrow
"And nostalgia, for all its trickiness, isn’t terrible, just problematic. It’s possible to have good memories, sure, or to segment and enhance the ones that were not really that good, instead of sinking into an overwhelmed bitterness like an inverted Benjaminian Angel. But nostalgia is not neutral. We need to remember, along with all the memories, that our lives in the now are partially cast from the look of our past. Maybe it’s fade and maybe it’s stutter, or maybe it’s different looks on different days."
peggynelson  nostalgia  memory  instagram  hipstamatic  photography  atemporality  decim8  imperfection  wabi-sabi  analog  digitalanalog 
january 2011 by robertogreco
Phone etiquette and the end of the individual [I lean way to the "new standard of cool" side", but not completetly. There are a few, rare instances where the phone might enhance the encounter.]
"Peggy Nelson argues that everyone being on their mobile phones all the time -- even while at a dinner for two -- isn't rude, it signals a shift from our society's emphasis on the individual to the networked "flow"...

But au contraire, mon frere.

'My new standard of cool: when I'm hanging out with you, I never see your phone ever ever ever.'

'If we're hanging out and you pull out your iPhone to water your Farmville crops, we can no longer be friends. It's not me, it's you.'"
peggynelson  etiquette  mobile  phones  relationships  technology  farmville  society  flow  individualism  networks  kottke 
july 2010 by robertogreco

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