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Your Job is Political: Tech Money in Politics
"Tech companies have made a lot of people very rich. A few fortunes have been made through profits off of sales but most of them come from profits from a large "exit event": an IPO or sale. Profits are split between shareholders, which usually includes some employees but is composed mainly of outside investors, both people and firms. We call early stage investors--who usually take very large percentages of ownership in return for the risk of investing in an unknown--venture capitalists or VCs. When we work at tech companies, our labor is going to grow the investment these people have made. When those investments do pay off, more & more of these obscenely rich people have been spending their money on political campaigns and races. I gave a talk at JSFest Oakland exploring some of the issues they're spending it on and what we might see in the future; this is the cleaned-up text version of that talk, with sources."
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december 2014 by robertogreco
Radio Ambulante: La Balada de Daniel D. Portado
En 1994, en medio de un debate tenaz sobre la migración en California, el caricaturista Lalo Alcaraz se inventó un nombre y un personaje: Daniel D. Portado. Veinte años después, D. Portado ha vuelto a cobrar relevancia.
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june 2014 by robertogreco

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