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intro to landscape studies - YouTube
"The modern age of landscape is an age where social interactions, markets, and developments are routinely channeled by institutions invisible to the ordinary individual. State infrastructure and capital have made immense and irreversible the effects of building, in the form of corridors, monuments and waste, channeling everyday paths and interactions in new space. In the era of modern building, the secrets of landscape are constantly hidden in plain sight.

To learn to see the landscape, western writers first had to learn to describe it. Unlike studies of rhetoric, which stretch back through the classical tradition, structural studies of the phenomenology, politics, and psychology of landscape only matured in the nineteenth century, in the era when state intervention began to physically reshape the shape of trade, agriculture, and the city at an unprecedented scale. Psychologists like Georg Simmel and cultural critics like Walter Benjamin imported the science of rhetoric and the…"
podcast  digitalhumanities  rebeccasolnit  streets  space  place  micheldecerteau  economics  politicaleconomy  policy  geography  urbanism  urban  cities  architecture  landscapearchitecture  modernity  institutions  literature  history  walterbenjamin  georgsimmel  interdisciplinarity  landscapestudies  2008  infrastructure  class  landscape  joguldi  interdisciplinary 
february 2012 by robertogreco
Artificial Intelligence Brings Musicians Back From the Dead, Allowing All-Stars of All Time to Jam | Popular Science
"New software, developed by North Carolina-based Zenph Sound Innovations, is something like a Pandora for live musical style; sophisticated software analyzes musicians based on how they sound on old, archaic recordings. The software can then reconstruct songs as they would have sounded if those musicians had recorded in a modern studio and on superior media.

But it doesn't end there. Zenph is working on a means to not only recreate old performances, but to dissect a style to the point that it can manifest an artist's personal touch into pieces he or she never performed in life. Meaning the software could potentially lift Jimmy Page out of Black Dog and replace him with, say, Jimi Hendrix, just so see how it sounds."
music  annabelscheme  podcast  simulation  ai  simulations 
march 2010 by robertogreco
State Agencies Bring K-12 Education Content to iTunes U : July 2008 : THE Journal
"The idea of the initiative, according to SETDA, is not only to bring state and district resources to K-12 educators within their own states, but to provide nationwide and global access to educational content, curricula, learning materials, news, best pra
curriculum  itunes  itunesu  online  content  podcast 
july 2008 by robertogreco
TravelinEdMan: New York Times article on online language learning and 10 such sites
"the field of online language learning is exploding! Listed below are 10 online language learning sites (the first two, Livemocha and Chinesepod are reviewed in the NY Times article)"
language  learning  online  podcast  podcasting  web  foreignlanguage  spanish  chinese  onlinetoolkit  internet  communication  languages  español  mango  ipod  audio  video  via:stephendownes  speaking  listening  voice  voip 
february 2008 by robertogreco
"phonography/field recording; contextual and decontextualized sound activity"
ambient  audio  field  sound  recording  sounds  streaming  radio  podcast  music 
november 2007 by robertogreco
Vodafone Receiver » #19 | What the Web Is For
"This excerpt of the Kids Version of Small Pieces Loosely Joined is published under a Creative Commons license and printed in receiver by arrangement with David Weinberger."
smallpieceslooselyjoined  podcast  storytelling  children  teens  socialsoftware  socialnetworks  human  web  online  internet  community  pedagogy  davidweinberger  networking  connections  world 
november 2007 by robertogreco

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