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The Healing Powers of a Pie Shop -
"PieLab opened in a makeshift space…Project M team members…at the invitation of the Hale Empowerment & Revitalization Organization (HERO), a housing-advocacy nonprofit, which also sponsored community-minded local initiatives. The Project M team conceived of their pie shop as a pop-up — a temporary cafe — describing it as a “negative-energy inverter, fueled by pie.”…
PieLab = a neutral place + a slice of pie.A neutral place + a slice of pie = conversation.
Conversation = ideas + design.Ideas + design = positive change.

…operated out of temporary quarters for four months…Within a few months of opening…PieLab-inspired efforts popped up in [other] cities…"

[Article also outlines misteps.]

"All the attention buoyed the PieLab collaborators. But it also created problems. When Project M first arrived in Greensboro, some folk bristled at the language it employed."

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august 2011 by robertogreco
Mika Savela: One Day Restaurants
"Helsinki, although clean and orderly (and a high-ranking “liveable city”, among the Vancouvers and Zürichs of the world), can seem oddly quiet, regulated and rigid to a traveler’s eye. Last saturday (21th of May) something unheard-of happened. Ordinary people all around the city took part in “Restaurant Day”. Several one-day restaurants opened up (…illegally) to serve dinners at homes, drinks on the street and picnics in the park. Here are some of the restaurants in action."

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may 2011 by robertogreco
Food Raves Gain in Popularity -
"In a sense it is civil disobedience on a paper plate.

The underground market seeks to encourage food entrepreneurship by helping young vendors avoid roughly $1,000 a year in fees — including those for health permits and liability insurance — required by legitimate farmers markets. Here, where the food rave — call it a crave — was born, the market organizers sidestep city health inspections by operating as a private club, requiring that participants become “members” (free) and sign a disclaimer noting that food might not be prepared in a space that has been inspected."
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may 2011 by robertogreco
"Rice Paper Scissors was created by Valerie Luu (Little Knock) and Katie Kwan (KitchenSidecar), two Vietnamese street food vendors in San Francisco who love sitting on small stools.

Inspired by the sidewalk dining and street food we experienced in Vietnam, we wanted to recreate the experience here in the Mission — complete with small tables, even smaller stools, fresh Vietnamese condiments, Cambodian pop music, and a rotating menu of Vietnamese comfort foods.

Our cafe will pop up on front porches, garages, and sidewalks and when we’re not figuring out what kitschy Asian housewares to buy, you can find us at various street food events and monthly at the SF Underground Market."
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may 2011 by robertogreco

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