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Education Week: The Classroom Is Obsolete: It's Time for Something New
"The following is a fairly universal list of education design principles for tomorrow’s schools, though it would be tailored to the needs of particular communities: (1) personalized; (2) safe & secure; (3) inquiry-based; (4) student-directed; (5) collaborative; (6) interdisciplinary; (7) rigorous & hands-on; (8) embodying a culture of excellence & high expectations; (9) environmentally conscious; (10) offering strong connections to the local community & business; (11) globally networked; & (12) setting the stage for lifelong learning.

In designing a school for tomorrow, such underlying principles should drive the discussion…would allow us to address questions around how students should learn, where they should learn, & w/ whom should they learn. We may discover that we need teachers to work in teams…We may conclude that it makes no sense to break down the school day into fixed “periods,” & that state standards can be better met via interdisciplinary & real-world projects."
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august 2011 by robertogreco
Building Futures Prakash Nair Interview - Directions & Priorities - About the Department of Education - Department of Education
"Prakash Nair, President and co-founder of Fielding Nair International is a leading authority in the area of 21st century school planning and educational technology. His writings about school design and its connection to educational research have been wid
interviews  prakashnair  schools  schooldesign  education  learning  teaching  lcproject  future  technology  design 
june 2007 by robertogreco
Fielding Nair International
"We plan school facilities for today and tomorrow with one primary goal in mind - to improve learning. Underlying all the work we do is our strong belief in diversity, high performance, technology infusion, global connections and personalization."
prakashnair  schools  schooldesign  learning  lcproject  education  children  future  design 
june 2007 by robertogreco

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