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BBC News - Jose Mujica: The world's 'poorest' president
"It's a common grumble that politicians' lifestyles are far removed from those of their electorate. Not so in Uruguay. Meet the president - who lives on a ramshackle farm and gives away most of his pay."

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november 2012 by robertogreco
Jimmy Carter: 'We never dropped a bomb. We never fired a bullet. We never went to war' | World news | The Observer
"What he’s most proud of, though, is that he didn’t fire a single shot. Didn’t kill a single person. Didn’t lead his country into a war – legal or illegal. “We kept our country at peace. We never went to war. We never dropped a bomb. We never fired a bullet. But still we achieved our international goals. We brought peace to other people, including Egypt and Israel. We normalised relations with China, which had been non-existent for 30-something years. We brought peace between US and most of the countries in Latin America because of the Panama Canal Treaty. We formed a working relationship with the Soviet Union.”<br />
It’s the simple fact of not going to war that, given what came next, should be recognised. “In the last 50 years now, more than that,” he says, “that’s almost a unique achievement.”"<br />
<br />
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september 2011 by robertogreco
Beloved South American Leftists leave power | Beyond The Beyond
*It turned out these lefties were great democrats who brought stability and prosperity to their long-suffering peoples, instead of being bloodthirsty commies bent on the destruction of private property.
michellebachelet  chile  brasil  latinamerica  left  politics  government  approval  2010  presidency  presidents  luladasilva  brazil  lula 
february 2010 by robertogreco
Can a President Tame the Business Cycle? - Interactive Graphic -
"Today, Americans save less and earn a lower minimum wage — in real, or inflation-adjusted, terms — than at nearly any other time since 1950. Can voters reasonably expect these and other indicators to change significantly after a new president takes office in January?"
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october 2008 by robertogreco

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