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Japanese Woodblock Print Search - Ukiyo-e Search
"Ukiyo-e Search provides an incredible resource: The ability to both search for Japanese woodblock prints by simply taking a picture of an existing print AND the ability to see similar prints across multiple collections of prints. Below is an example print, click to see it in action."
ukiyo-e  japan  art  woodblocks  prints  search  via:tealtan 
november 2013 by robertogreco
Edicola, a New Kind of Newsstand, Opens on Market Street: Visual Arts | KQED Public Media for Northern CA
"Upon learning of the Edicola newsstand in San Francisco, started by the artists Luca Antonucci and Carissa Potter, I was impressed; it is one of those rare projects that is not only inspired and original, but has been successfully realized.

Antonucci and Potter met when they were graduate students at the San Francisco Art Institute in 2008. Potter, feeling a certain affinity for her classmate, approached him with a proposition. "I had this crazy idea to ask him to be in a video with me where I told him that I liked him without knowing anything about him," she said. The video didn't turn out too well, but the two have been friends ever since. Together they launched both Colpa Press and Edicola, a newsstand that sells a curated selection of artists' books, newspapers and prints. That's not the only thing that makes the newsstand unique: the store is run out of a formerly closed San Francisco Chronicle kiosk on Market Street in bustling downtown San Francisco…"
tovisit  prints  retail  art  curation  newspapers  books  sfai  2008  carissapotter  lucaantonucci  newsstands  sanfrancisco  edicola 
july 2012 by robertogreco
Jelly Helm Studio — STORY: Limited edition letterpress + full color print
"Joseph Campbell’s famous chart of the archetypal story, typographically illustrated with color-coded examples of ten classic heroes, from Buddha to Jesus to Luke Skywalker to Dorothy Gale of Kansas.<br />
<br />
Letterpress printing by Kyle Van Horn in Baltimore, color printing by Stevens Printing in Portland, on 88# Strathmore Bristol Wove Writing Cover Ultimate White, 14” x 18” <br />
<br />
Numbered edition of 150 prints, $65 + shipping."
josephcampbell  stories  storytelling  classideas  charts  jellyhelm  prints  flowchart  myth  tcsnmy 
august 2011 by robertogreco
Search Home - Search Yale Digital Commons
"Cross Collection Discovery (CCD) provides a way to search across Yale's collections of art, natural history, books, and maps, as well as photos, audio, and video documenting people, places, and events that form part of Yale's institutional identity and contribution to scholarship. The content searchable in CCD will grow as additional University departments make use of the service to share Yale's collections with the Yale community and the world."
via:robinsloan  education  art  history  books  photography  naturalhistory  maps  audio  video  archives  search  primarysources  events  libraries  digitalcommons  yale  museums  prints 
may 2011 by robertogreco
The easiest way to print photos on canvas | CanvasPop
"The easiest way to print your photos on canvas.

Print your photos on canvas pro style with CanvasPop. From any source, any resolution or size - and customized to your wishes - your photos and digital images become stunning custom art."
design  photography  art  canvas  flickr  diy  posters  printing  print  enlargement  glvo  house  gifts  decorating  services  prints 
january 2010 by robertogreco
Apropos the publication of the book, Paul and I emailed about the evolution of the blog from its early days in 2005 to its present form, about the passionate nature of the search for images and the surprises involved, about shifting gears to write the boo
bibliodyssey  online  internet  blogs  design  interviews  images  books  illustration  blogging  search  art  history  prints 
october 2007 by robertogreco

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