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Seth's Blog: A tacky mess: the masses vs. great design
"A tacky mess: the masses vs. great design

Designers prune.

Left to its own devices, the mob will augment, accessorize, spam, degrade and noisify whatever they have access to, until it loses beauty and function and becomes something else.

The tragedy of the design commons.

A farmer's market with no entry requirements turns into a bazaar and then into a souvenir stand and finally into a flea market.

A bulletin board with no moderator or hierarchy becomes a random mess of affiliate posts and noise, where only a smart search engine is helpful.

An Apple product designed with user feedback would have thousands of extra features, multiple input methods and weigh 18 pounds.

(The best exception to this rule are some--not all--places where people live, including parts of Manhattan and Kibera, Kenya. But even in the best instances, as soon as commercial interests are served, it starts to fail).

It seems democratic and non-elitist to set it and forget it and let the users take over. But the tools we use (Wikipedia) and the brands we covet (Nike or Ducati) resolutely refuse to become democracies."
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august 2012 by robertogreco
Declaring Social Media bankruptcy - broadstuff
"Whether your reasoning for Social Shutdown is contrarian media-whoring, a desire for a bit more privacy, or just that it is too hard to keep a profile going on so many and varied networks, I think this is a trend that will grow in social media usage - people will rationalise onto a few ( 2- 3 in my estimate) social networks. Probably one "professional" one, one "social" one, and probably something like Twitter which is more of an Alerts + Chatroom service. (I've pretty much rationalised to this blog, Twitter and Linked In - plus all the Yahoo special-interest email groups of yesteryear, but they are very easy to manage)

Add to this the growing worry about massively intrusive datamining from Facebook, Google et al (I wonder if that is actually driving this reaction in some indirect way) and I think we are possible seeing the start of a Social Mass Media backlash?"
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august 2010 by robertogreco
Stowe Boyd - /message - DeTumblrized, ReTwitterated
"So, I have had a massive few weeks, and one thing I have learned as a life lesson is that when things get hard, the things you stop doing are the least central to your core."
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march 2010 by robertogreco

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