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Hot for Teachers | Page Six Magazine | The New York Post
"Who says homeschooling is just for granola moms and religious zealots? Thanks to a pair of glamorous consultants, more and more NYC boldfacers are educating their kids in the privacy of their brownstones and high-rises—complete with their own custom uniforms and music lessons from the pros." "Melissa says homeschooling is particularly appealing in New York City, with its competitive school admissions. "For most people with kids in school, there's a sense of feeling trapped," she explains. "You sort of get on the private school train…and once you're there, you don't feel like you have a lot of options. You pay a lot of money to be there, and you're supposed to be really grateful that you're there. So the perspective of 'There is something else that works—and that maybe works better—for my family' can be incredibly powerful.""
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february 2009 by robertogreco

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