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Journal of Radical Shimming
"The Journal of Radical Shimming is...
an on-going, intermittanly published platform of R76. It serves as a continuing space of consideration for the groups projects, as well as an area to consider areas of concern and excitement that might go on to serve as platforms for actions in the making. Visit the JRS here."
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july 2012 by robertogreco
"Education, economies, space. As stated earlier, the formation of free-zones, wherein new sets of rules are adopted, new possibilities formulated, in tandem with a desire towards the investigation of education and economies, elicits a parallel politics within reach. Flying University regards these three poles as hubs for a new reality. A machine you step into. A vehicle which ferries you to a place very much like your own, but one clearer, finer tuned, convivial, equitable, filled with tools to solve problems, instead of tools to destroy them. A tool for the realization that problems cannot be destroyed, because they do not exist. Problems are not physical, but ethereal, there to be molded, tweaked, retrofitted to a new state, different from the shape prior, and the shape before that, into the future, to be reshaped again, collectively."
cityasclassroom  altgdp  teaching  museums  art  micro-economies  flyinguniversity  red76  lcproject  deschooling  unschooling  schools  learning  education 
july 2012 by robertogreco
We Are Red76, Which is...
"Nomadic in nature, Red76's origins reside in Portland, Cascadia/Oregon wherein it was founded in the winter of 2000. The socio-historical landscape of the Cascadian region greatly informs the methodological underpinnings of their work. The group, often in flux and geographically dispersed, is the moniker for initiatives most often conceived by Sam Gould, and collaboratively realized with the assistance of Gabriel Mindel-Saloman, Zefrey Throwell, Dan S. Wang, Mike Wolf, Laura Baldwin, and many others.

Often situating itself in public space, or creating an atmosphere wherein the definition of space maybe have an opportunity to redefine itself, Red76 initiatives utilize overlooked histories and common shared occurrences as a means of creating a framework in which to construct their public inquiries. Social histories, collaborative research, parallel politics, free media, alternative educational constructs, gatherings, masking, and public dialogue play a continuing and vital role within the methodology and concepts of Red76's work.

Along with producing many independent initiatives, on street corners, in laundromats, bars, and kitchen tables, Gould and Red76 have engaged in projects commissioned by the Institute of Contemporary Art Philadelphia, the Drawing Center, the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, Printed Matter, Creative Time, the Douglas F. Cooley Memorial Gallery at Reed College, 01 San Jose, SF MoMA, Rhizome/New Museum, The Bureau for Open Culture, The Walker Arts Center, and many others."
cascadia  alternative  education  socialhistory  alternativeeducation  collaboration  gatherings  making  publicinquiry  gabrielmindel-aloman  laurabaldwin  mikewolf  danswang  zefreythrowell  samgould  red76  social  aesthetics  publicart  artists  art 
july 2012 by robertogreco

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