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Twitter / @philstuart: Love it when, after readin ...
"Love it when, after reading a game's description, what is in your head is completely different to the actual game. AND better AND makeable!"

[Apply to film, books, art, etc. Though, the imagining is often enough for me. I often say "I like the idea of X more than the actual X."]
imagination  2012  icandobetter  creativity  remaking  making  cv  thinking  ideas  philstuart  theideaisbetterthantherealthing  games  gaming 
february 2012 by robertogreco
“…than the evening of an Etruscan grove”: Soho in the bones « Adam Greenfield's Speedbird
"we are all of us making and remaking the places we live in on a constant basis, speaking them into reality through the things we say and the comments we leave on blogs, knitting them into being with bicycles and cars and our own two feet. We bring them to life with our custom and our traffic, our peregrinations and the exercise of our habits. And if we want to leave legends behind, we’d better get busy. These particular streets, richly shrouded in story as they are, demand no less."
adamgreenfield  memory  place  meaning  meaningmaking  soho  london  2011  subcultures  bike  biking  cars  cities  atemporality  change  evolution  urban  urbanism  pedestrians  walking  persistence  persistenceofmemory  legacy  living  life  reinvention  making  remaking  markmaking 
september 2011 by robertogreco

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