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The architecture meltdown -
"Those who remain in the profession find design work scarce and are teaching, lecturing, entering competitions and moving into Hollywood production design. These gigs have always been part of the field, which revels in its synthesis of theory and practice, but the balance has shifted in a way that leads to architects doing less and less architecture…

It’s part of a professional ethos, he says, that stresses idealism, dues paying, hierarchy, optimism and a heroic self-image while ignoring financial realities. It’s something he’s become intimately familiar with as he tries to chronicle the damage the recession has exacted on the field. “I’m trying to talk to architects about the economy,” Horton says. “Forget it! It’s hard to get real information. They’re so conscious of P.R. – they’re worried about what’s going to get tweeted.”

The current uncertainty makes the old model – poverty in youth, payday sometime in middle age – harder to count on…"
coolhaus  sciarc  richardmeier  starchitects  frankgehry  remkoolhaas  renzopiano  zahahadid  2012  careers  architecture  barbarabestor  ericowenmoss 
february 2012 by robertogreco
Abitare - international design magazine » We Make things which Make cities
"Calvino was terrified by disorder. He always had pieces of paper in his pocket and he would use them to write notes which were like hieroglyphics. But, be careful… Calvino was also linked to the real world. This obsession with taking notes, his “stealing from daily life” is common to all those who have never believed in the idea of a wild creative impulse… As a good Genovese and a Virgo, this method stays with you for your whole life…"
renzopiano  italocalvino  design  architecture  children  urbanism  drawing  pompidou  engineering  cities  notetaking  creativity  imagination 
december 2009 by robertogreco
The Complex History of Sustainability: A Timeline of Trends Authors, Projects, and Fiction by Amir Djalali and Piet Vollaard
"Looking back, we see that Western society has always been obsessed by its relationship with the environment, with what is meant to be outside ourselves, or, as some call it, nature.

Many ideas preceded the notion of Sustainability and even today there are various trends and original ideas following old ideological traditions. Some of these directly oppose Sustainability.

This timeline is a subjective attempt to historically map the different ideas around the problem of the relationship between humans and their environment."
via:javierarbona  sustainability  visualization  timelines  history  maps  mapping  theojansen  johnthackara  renzopiano  williammcdonough  ivanillich 
february 2009 by robertogreco
things magazine: The visions of Price, Archigram, et al, have had more of an influence on children's soft play centres than on romantic, nomadic combinations of architecture and machinery
"general consensus amongst architects&historians...Cedric Price's Fun Palace was a primary influence on Rogers & Piano's Pompidou...genesis of utopian ideal of cultural building as playground, one still beloved by architects, urbanists and city planners"
cedricprice  urban  education  lcproject  pompidou  renzopiano  richardrogers  technology  urbanism  space  design  architecture  cities  planning  culture  history  children  playgrounds 
january 2008 by robertogreco
David Byrne Journal: 11.20.2007: Caetano Veloso, Tall and/or Wide News
"I also ask myself, if it is as unfeasible as I imagine, what will happen to print, or any form of journalism, as everything migrates online? I wonder if a wiki online newspaper could work?"
davidbyrne  caetanoveloso  music  architecture  renzopiano  nytimes  design  nyc  goolgle  advertising  radio  television  art  richardserra  publishing  print  magazines  newspapers  wikis  news  reviews  critics  journalism  ads  economics  online  internet  web 
november 2007 by robertogreco
A Few of Renzo Piano's Favorite Things - BusinessWeek
"An appreciation for ancient and modern is readily apparent in the list of 10 buildings beloved by the famed architect"
architecture  design  renzopiano 
november 2007 by robertogreco
Mixing the Sacred and the Profane | Metropolis Magazine
"Renzo Piano talks about the New York Times building, future projects, and his procured inspirations."
architecture  design  renzopiano 
december 2006 by robertogreco

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