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Resolutions: - Paris, France — A Hi Moment
"Cassie Marketos

• Stay off the internet.

• Find something to do and pursue it, whatever the underlying cause might be.

• Figure it out for the winter.

• Be in an amazing place where people can come visit you. (High priority.)

• Forget about New Year’s Eve things. That is all bullshit.

• Don’t let ___________ get you down.

• Don’t think too much about things you cannot change.

• Resist your audience, their approval will mislead you.

• Write often. Keep it both private and illegible.

• Find a goodbye song.

• Get in damn shape, finally.

• Drink cappuccinos. It’s your new thing.

• Get motivated early in the AM.

• Sleep on trains.

• If you don’t love that book, forgive yourself and get another one.

• Don’t be a goddamn idiot."
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january 2014 by robertogreco
New Year’s Resolutions : 2¢ Worth
"1. I will accept that I may no longer be a believer—Over the years, I have been gradually, & not w/out resistance, losing my faith. I am afraid that I may no longer believe in education. There is no problem w/ education. Education is the problem. Our goal is preparing our children for their future, & I am becoming convinced that education—our belief in education—is preventing us from accomplishing that goal.

2. I will avoid, at all (most) costs, using the following words: education, student, technology, teach, teacher

3. I will try, at all costs, to speak plaining & to clearly paint pictures for what I am striving to convey. If we agree that “it takes a village to teach a child,” then we need to be speaking in villagese, not schoolese.

4. I will more aggressively & compellingly speak out against standardized testing & to direct conversations twrd alternatives…standardized, high-stakes testing has done far more harm to more children than all the social networks on planet."

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november 2010 by robertogreco
New year resolution? Don't wait until New Year's Eve | Science | The Guardian
"for men, the secret of success lies in setting specific goals and focusing on the rewards you will get if you achieve them; for women, the best way to keep a resolution is to tell the world about it."
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december 2007 by robertogreco

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