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Brute Force Architecture and its Discontents - etc
"More so than cardboard or other model making materials, blue foam erases the signature of its creator allowing for an easier ‘apples to apples’ comparison. The anonymizing uniformity of the cut surfaces and alien blueness of the foam itself allowed multiple workers to prepare options in parallel without the differences of personal craft becoming an element of distraction during moments of evaluation. The cumulative effect means that a table covered in foam models all produced by different individuals can be assessed for their ideas rather than the quirks of who made them or how they were created. What’s on display are the ideas themselves, without any distracting metadata or decoration. This is the model making equivalent of Edward Tufte’s quest to eliminate chartjunk."
bryanboyer  thermalpaper  smlxl  flatness  hierarchy  computation  computing  alanturing  ideation  oma  mvrdv  rex  big  howwework  thinking  making  bruteforcearchitecture  2012  zahahadid  collaboration  chartjunk  edwardtufte  process  remkoolhaas  architecture  design  horizontality  horizontalidad 
june 2012 by robertogreco
Archinect : News : REX Reuse in Istanbul: Vakko Fashion Center ShowCased
"Construction has just finished on the REX-designed Vakko Fashion Center & Power Media Center in Istanbul, Turkey. This project is particularly interesting in it's creative reuse of existing structure and plans from unrealized projects in both Turkey and the USA. REX utilized the remaining structure from the unfinished Istanbul hotel on-site, and reused the plans from REX's design for the California Institute of Technology’s Annenberg Center in Pasadena. As a result, construction on Vakko started only 4 days after REX received the commission!"

[ShowCase here: ]
istanbul  architecture  rex  turkey  princeramus  reuse  rapid  caltech 
april 2010 by robertogreco
REX architecture / joshua prince-ramus interview [also see section on advice to the young]
"would like to have more money to play w/, but if there are big constraints, you're obliged to come to very creative solutions...never seen a constraint that we didn't like. office's ethos is about not designing objects, but designing have the confidence that with enough people, enough intelligence & enough energy, the process will lead to a conclusion that far exceeds anything you could have sketched initially or individually. we call this the 'lost art of productively losing control.’ ... I have a rule with my daughter. she's just turning four, but from the day she was born, I've always tried to make her understand there's no concept of 'away.’ you can't throw it ‘away.’ you can't flush it ‘away.’ it may not be here any longer, but it's there, somewhere, impacting the world. what troubles me most - as an architect - is that I'm a participant in the problem...we don't exercise the option of 'no.’...the fact that we can do less bad, doesn't mean we're doing good"
princeramus  architecture  interviews  sustainability  parenting  process  problemsolving  remkoolhaas  oma  rex  architects  design  tcsnmy  glvo 
october 2009 by robertogreco

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