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"Oterp is a mobile phone game project using a GPS sensor to manipulate music in real time, depending on the player's position on Earth. It generates new melodies when travelling. The objective of Oterp is to mix the reality of our everyday environment with a video game. This is a new way to imagine our movements in a society increasingly on the move and dependent on mobile interfaces."

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oterp  kevinlesur  antoninfourneau  gaming  games  rjdj  music  audio  gps  geolocation  geo  applications  ios  iphone  mobile  newmediaart 
january 2012 by robertogreco
Between the By-Road and the Main Road: Being in the Middle: Learning Walks
"So imagine a commitment to learning that involved making regular learning walks with high school students as a normal part of the "school" day. Now, these learning walks should not be confused with walking tours, which are designed based on planned outcomes. One walks to point X in order to see object or artifact Y. The points are predetermined, hierarchical in design.

Instead, learning walks are rhizomatic. They are inherently about being in the middle of things and coming to learn what could not been predetermined. Learning walks are part of the "curriculum" for instructional seminar (which I described here)."

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maryannreilly  comments  walking  walkshops  adamgreenfield  flaneur  psychogeography  derive  dérive  education  learning  schools  teaching  unschooling  deschooling  noticing  observation  seeing  2011  rhizomaticlearning  johnseelybrown  douglasthomas  unguided  self-directedlearning  serendipity  johnberger  willself  rebeccasolnit  sistercorita  maps  mapping  photography  alanfletcher  lawrenceweschler  kerismith  exploration  exploring  johnstilgoe  noticings  rjdj  ios  situationist  situatedlearning  situated  hototoki  serendipitor  flow  mihalycsikszentmihalyi  experience  control  ego  cv  coritakent 
july 2011 by robertogreco
Soundtrack for a City | Quiet Babylon
"The client sits on phone, downloads soundtrack – custom for city – pulls from location API, & mixes sounds according to instructions. There’s cleverness sure, some audio gee-whizery secret sauce, all very patentable & proprietary that seamlessly pulls it together. As you make your way from uptown to downtown, tone shifts gradually, like in Mr Q’s park but moreso. Mr Q is strictly last century, he’s amateur hour hacker hobbyist. It’s laying copper when we could be putting up cell towers in Africa. Disney doesn’t know from happiest place on earth. On the server it’s all very user-friendly, very drag-n-drop. We show you map of city & your uploaded audio files. You can paint-in areas, just like Photoshop...Colour your regions & associate sounds accordingly. We crowdsourced the names of neighbourhoods from Flickr to give you suggested outlines, if you just wanna throw something together, but the real artist can paint down to the nearest half-meter."
audio  sound  ambient  cities  texture  gps  iphone  applications  rjdj  ambientawareness  location-based  soundpainting  maps  mapping  timmaly  quietbabylon  mobile  ar  ios  augmentedreality 
april 2010 by robertogreco
Pasta&Vinegar » When your walkman asks you to do something...
"What I find important here is that the system explicitly asks you - the user - to go to a certain place to create a certain experience. And it’s not just a place, it’s a context that you’re required to find....The “find some place” recommendation here is highly interesting. It extends the range of verbs proposed in specific applications (a music player generally only ask you to play/rewind/pause/fast forward or change tune/shuffle). In this case, there is a new possibility that reminds us of Chris Crawford’s approach to interaction design: “Interactivity requires verb thinking” proposed in his book entitled “The Art of Interactive Design“. “Finding a place” is, above all, a new verb choice for music play."
nicolasnova  rjdj  interface  experience  verbs  language  play  interaction  interactive  iphone  applications  place  user  ios 
november 2009 by robertogreco
YouTube - First contact with RjDj
"This video shows listeners discovering the RjDj application, and let you hear what they hear."
rjdj  iphone  music  audio  ambient 
october 2008 by robertogreco
RJDJ - The iPhone will addict you to music again! - Digital Tools - Homebrew, Computer Art, Tools and Game Design.
"Finally exquisite news again, where people from Cologne (and Vienna I think) were really involved in. The RJDJ is an iPhone application, that will turn your life into an interactive musicvideo. It plays music, that will be modified by sensory input. In other words you have music, that reacts to sensory and environmental input. It makes use of different sensors, like the microphone, the acceleration sensor and the touchpad. RJDJ turns your mobile phone into a very complex mixture of music playing device, music instrument or reality shaping artifact. The creators say about it, that it is "like glasses for your ears". They are right. Not only for them the RJDJ is a "digital drug"."
rjdj  music  iphone  applications  ambient  sound  csiap  ios 
october 2008 by robertogreco
YouTube - RjDj The mind twisting hearing sensation. [recalls:]
"RjDj is a music application for the Iphone. It uses sensory input to generate and control music you are listening to. RjDj is mainly consumed with headphones. Think of it as the next generation of walkman or mp3 player. The consumer experience of RjDj is similar to the effects of drugs. Drugs affect our sensory perception, so does RjDj. RjDj is a mind twisting hearing sensation."

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iphone  applications  environment  music  ambient  digital  sound  rjdj  csiap  ios 
october 2008 by robertogreco

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