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True communication is only possible between equals -
"But a man with a gun is told only that which people assume will not provoke him to pull the trigger. Since all authority and government are based on force, the master class, with its burden of omniscience, faces the servile class, with its burden of nescience, precisely as a highwayman faces his victim. Communication is possible only between equals. The master class never abstracts enough information from the servile class to know what is actually going on in the world where the actual productivity of society occurs. Furthermore, the logogram of any authoritarian society remains fairly inflexible as time passes, but everything else in the universe constantly changes. The result can only be progressive disorientation among the rulers. The end is debacle. <br />
<br />
The schizophrenia of authoritarianism exists both in the individual and in the whole society. <br />
<br />
I call this the Snafu Principle."
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april 2011 by robertogreco
M a y b e L o g i c A c a d e m y
" Courses are grounded in the philosophy and perspective of maybe logic, an approach which emphasizes the fallibility and relativity of perception and tends to approach information and observations with questions, probabilities and multiple perspectives r
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september 2007 by robertogreco
WorldChanging: Doug Rushkoff on the Technologies of Persuasion
"Don't hire me as a consultant unless you're truly ready to leave your job...this Blink/LizardBrain/CultureOfPropaganda nonsense is just a way for sold-out intellectuals to sell books to cynical marketers" +more
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september 2007 by robertogreco

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