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Mapbox Satellite gets 48TB facelift | Mapbox
"We just added 48 terabytes of updated aerial imagery for the entire continental United States. Starting today users will see the updated imagery at zoom levels 13-17 on Mapbox Satellite. The new imagery is beautiful -- and it's all made possible by open data from the USDA's National Agriculture Imagery Program.

Our image processing pipeline, built on top of Amazon Web Services' cloud infrastructure, ingested the 24 hard drives worth of orthoimagery and perform a series of image calibration and adjustment routines to produce a seamless mosaic basemap that is fast, accurate, and beautiful. We'll be going into more detail about the processing pipeline and how this relates to Satellite Live in a few days."


"The Elwha Dam, on Washington State’s Olympic Peninsula, was demolished in 2011. What used to be its lake is turning into meadows and sandy riverbanks."
mapbox  satellite  imagery  2014  usda  elwha  elwhariver  washingtonstate  olympicpeninsula  rivers  rewilding  nature  dams 
august 2014 by robertogreco
Secretive US military space shuttle lands itself at California base | World news |
"A secretive unmanned US space shuttle landed at a California military base early Saturday, having completed a 15-month clandestine mission. The air force craft, which was launched from Cape Canaveral air force station in Florida in March 2011, conducted in-orbit experiments during its time in space, officials said. It was the second such autonomous landing at the Vandenberg air force base, 130 miles northwest of Los Angeles. In 2010, an identical unmanned spacecraft returned to Earth after seven months and 91m miles in orbit."
space  USA  USAF  satellite  Guardian  2012  espionage  robots  via:Preoccupations 
june 2012 by robertogreco
BBC News - Egyptian pyramids found by infra-red satellite images
"Seventeen lost pyramids are among the buildings identified in a new satellite survey of Egypt."
imagery  satellite  technology  architecture  history  ancientcivilization  ancientegypt  classideas 
may 2011 by robertogreco
BUY THIS SATELLITE - Connect Everyone.
"We believe Internet access is a tool that allows people to help themselves—a tool so vital that it should be considered a universal human right. Imagine your digital life disconnected. W/out access to the 100 million man-hours that have been put into Wikipedia, how much do you actually know? W/out your contacts online social networks how much can you accomplish? W/out access to the news, weather, your bank account—how in charge of your life are you?

The Internet has transformed what it means to be human—we are now more connected to one another than ever before. Yet, over 5 billion people do not have access to this incredible invention, do not have a voice in global dialog, or opportunity to share ideas & learn from Internet's ever-expanding knowledge pool.

…access to information & Internet is a necessity for every global citizen & We plan to address information inequality by making internet access so ubiquitous you can take it for granted: Free, global, seamless connectivity."
internet  satellite  activism  charity  space  ahumanright  access  accessibility  communication  web  online  palomar5  global 
april 2011 by robertogreco
30 Most Incredible Abstract Satellite Images of Earth : Environmental News Blog | Environmental Graffiti
"One can imagine - yes - however, they wouldn’t be quite prepared for the fact that from 400 miles away, the earth transforms into abstract art. The global landscape is impressionist, cubist and pointillist. Mother Nature is an abstract artist."
photography  earth  art  satellite  environment  geography  images  via:kottke 
july 2008 by robertogreco
metacool: Finding Steve Fossett
"This a striking yet tragic example of the power the web has to facilitate networked collaborations of broad scale and scope."
rescue  mechanicalturk  crowdsourcing  stevefossett  search  images  satellite 
september 2007 by robertogreco
Anil Dash: A decade and a half of Spin
"In 1992, Brian Springer spent over 500 hours capturing direct satellite feeds of the video clips that powered both news broadcasts...presidential campaigns...monitoring video feeds and recording highlights...created...a documentary entitled "Spin"
politics  video  media  documentary  elections  us  spin  satellite 
july 2007 by robertogreco
Jan Chipchase - Future Perfect: The Selfish Toothbrush
"Which is why the electric toothbrush is a selfish object - it demands to be held the whole time it is used and the alternative that works with regular tooth brushes - to be clasped in the mouth for those moments when you need both hands is not an option.
iphone  n800  usability  nokia  design  industrial  ux  multitasking  toothbrushes  janchipchase  ergonomics  satellite 
june 2007 by robertogreco
Trulia Hindsight » Maps of Properties Through Time
"Trulia Hindsight is an animated map of homes in the United States from Trulia. The animations use the year the properties were built to show the growth of streets, neighborhoods and cities over time."
history  housing  mapping  maps  realestate  time  timelines  visualization  us  stamendesign  geography  architecture  cities  demographics  urbanism  urban  population  satellite  statistics  timelapse  locative 
may 2007 by robertogreco

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