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The internet is happening to education | xED Book
"Our thesis with xEducation is that the internet is happening to higher education and that successful universities of the future will be those that find ways to generate value for its many stakeholders that go beyond content provision and teaching. What exactly that value proposition is remains unclear. On the one hand, content and (recorded) lectures can easily be shared with limited costs. The internet scales content exceptionally well. The human, social, processes of learning don’t scale. Research doesn’t scale (yet). Regional and national economic value generation doesn’t scale. In these spaces where scalability does not work well, universities will likely find their new roles in society. Over the next six months, we’ll explore and test this thesis and place the discussion of higher education reform on a firmer foundation than the latest tool and popular hype."
mooc  society  highered  highereducation  teaching  learning  content  scalable  scalability  research  xeducation  2012  georgesiemens  education  scaling  scale  moocs 
september 2012 by robertogreco
What Do We Lose with Scale? : Center for Social Innovation (CSI)
"there are many unanswered questions about the trade-offs between scale and comprehensive, locally driven solutions. A few come to mind:
* Are local areas better served when a number of organizations come in from the outside with their scalable solutions?  (one for education, one for water, one for entrepreneurship, one for health?)

* Are efficiencies in service delivery increased or decreased at a community level by one model or the other?

* Does the introduction of new scalable models into a community bring new positive ways of working?  

* What type of organization tends to hire more locals? 

* What kind of an organization does a better job at building community capacity ––within the eco-system? 

* What model or combination of models is best for the future in terms of sustained positive change for clients and community development? 

Ultimately, I am not proposing any answers. I am merely calling for a respectful discussion…"
2012  scaling  entrepreneurship  education  via:jonkolko  community  organizations  scalable  scalability  scale  local  small 
july 2012 by robertogreco
Does it Scale? | Mssv
"We’ve treated ’scale’ like an unalloyed good for so long that it seems peculiar to question it. There are plenty of reasons for wanting to scale businesses and services up to make more things for more people in more areas; perhaps the strongest is that things usually get cheaper and quicker to provide.

The problem is that scale has a cost, and that’s being unable to respond to the wants and needs of unique individuals. Theoretically, that’s not a problem in a free market, but of course, we don’t have a free market, and we certainly don’t have a free market when it comes to politics and media."
adrianhon  scale  scaling  scalability  scalable  ows  2011  occupywallstreet  politics  anarchism  anarchy  uk  us  policy  leadership  hierarchy  power  influence  media  economics 
november 2011 by robertogreco

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