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School of the Future | Unschooling Education
"project about what a school can be. We'll open this July as inter-generational free school for community around Sgt. Dougherty Park, in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. From solar-powered lighting to giant scrabble board, giant Tyvek mountains & experimental food sculptures, SotF is an invitation to experiment & analyze learning through the arts. Each class, performance & student-teacher exchange provides inspiration for curriculum that allows a community to respond to a particular site, encouraging the use of under-utilized public space as a way to learn & question cultural constructs & personal responses to school and education."

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may 2010 by robertogreco
School of the Future - A School of the Future Manifesto
"* My school of the future is tuition free
* My SotF is outside and inside, sometimes both at the same time
* At my SotF I am the teacher and the student. We are teachers and students together.
* At my SotF I get to use the curriculum of my dreams
* At the SotF there are no walls and brick buildings, our classroom is our community
* At the SotF, creative practice is celebrated and explored
* At the SotF everyone fails, everyone explores and everyone asks the questions they’ve always wanted to ask
* At my SotF my desk is my body, my pencil is my mind
* The SotF, YOUR SotF can happen anywhere and anytime people come together and learning needs to happen
Rules of Conduct:
* Make mistakes; fail
* Look around you, soak everything in; up and down, backwards and forwards, diagonal and back again
* Use your creativity to solve problems
* Everyone is a student, everyone is a teacher
* Learning happens everywhere; embraces moments that feel right to you and share with others"
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february 2010 by robertogreco
School of the Future
"The building of the School of the Future is the launching pad for the art movement of education. SotF is an artist-run school for teaching artists. The school focuses on teaching artists as experts in the study of information through performing and visual arts; it serves as the first site devoted to the resourcefulness and adaptability of teaching artists. Each curriculum developed for the school is an art project, making the school a group show. The projects will be designed to use art as a learning process that activates and considers the site of the school."

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february 2010 by robertogreco
OurGoods: A Future History of Education
"More than anything Trade School for me is an archetype of the plausible alternative to over-structured, hierarchical and standardized learning we now take for granted and use in the developmental transformation of over 1.1 million school children. Trade School is an opportunity to subvert the teacher/student relationship to be reciprocal. For me it’s about valuing our collective knowledge and not the expertise of just one person. It’s about finding ways to eliminate currency and the problematic funding structures that currently drive educational institutions and their “innovation”."

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february 2010 by robertogreco

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