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Shanker Blog » Talking About But Not Learning From Finland
"So, for whatever it’s worth, the three policy measures that are currently receiving virtually all the attention in the U.S. – charter schools, removing tenure protections, and tying teacher pay and evaluation to test scores – all fly directly in the face of the Finnish system.

In contrast, not a single feature of Finland’s education system that we don’t use is currently under serious, widespread consideration in the U.S.

Now, again - we obviously shouldn’t adopt policies just because Finland uses them, nor should we reject policies just because Finland doesn’t. But it seems clear, at least from our national discourse, that we’re not really learning much from Finland (at least not yet). Maybe they’re just bad teachers?"
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october 2010 by robertogreco
Education Sector: Research and Reports: Teachers at Work
"Instead of isolating teachers, Generation Schools model organizes them into grade- & subject-based teams, designed to blend different types of expertise & levels of experience...daily schedule & calendar are designed w/ time for regular & ongoing teacher collaboration & planning, giving teachers "time to learn from each other & from their work," Brown says. In mornings, all teachers teach 90-min academic classes that average 14 students; afternoons are divided into shorter, larger elective courses & 2 hours of daily planning. Twice a year, grade-based teaching teams get a 4-week break—3 weeks to rest & 1 week to meet, plan & observe colleagues...breaks are staggered throughout year, & while 1 group of teachers is on break, another team of their colleagues steps in to teach their students "intensive" monthlong literacy courses focused on career & college planning...result is school year that is extended to 200 days for students w/out having to extend work time (& pay) for teachers."

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october 2009 by robertogreco
Matt Hern » Blog Archive » STAY IN SCHOOL KIDS
"Contemporary schools are all about social reproduction. They are absurd authoritarian warehouses designed to churn out industrial workers and docile citizens, to sort kids into winners and losers, inculcate them with appropriate nationalist narratives and dampen their spirit.

Schools as we know them are not about kids, families, teachers or communities thriving. They are not about intellectual inquiry, democratic life or anything like that. The fact that some classrooms and schools, some pockets here and there are vibrant and alive is a testament to people’s resilience and creativity. But like Weil said, schools ‘do not help people become or stay healthy’. They don’t make them smarter or wiser or more generous or more thoughtful – their core goals are very different."
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october 2009 by robertogreco
Making time: What research says about re-organizing school schedules - Center for Public Education
"* A brief history of the school calendar
o How long is the current school year?
o How long is the current school day?
* Breaking from tradition
o Year-round schools
o Block vs. period scheduling
o Four-day school week
o Accommodating teenagers’ sleep cycle
o Full-day kindergarten
* Finding more time
o Support for struggling students
o Teacher planning and professional development
* Implementation
o Cost
o Child care
* Things to consider"
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june 2009 by robertogreco

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