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Radical Sensing - Selwa Sweidan
"Radical Sensing is a speculative design project rooted in the sense of smell. Radical Sensing imagines a future in which people have chosen to replace their noses with a "super smelling" neuroprosthetic or a "post-nose” that amplifies, isolates, decodes and records scent with simple gestures and downloadable customizations.

Radical Sensing poses questions about the future of prosthetics. Can the voluntary removal of body organs, in favor of augmented replacements, become normative?

Radical Sensing proposes a rearchitecting of the body, externally (though a wearable nose) and internally (through the neurological and experiential changes that arise when ehancing and even sharing the act of smelling).

Through performative prototyping, 3D modeling, user interviews, and a smell recording device - Radical Sensing raises questions about what it means to experience an enhanced sense of smell in the future, and what arises when we "live in our nose" in the present."

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august 2015 by robertogreco

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