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Transcript of SLA student Sinnea Douglas's "When I Become a Teacher" as performed before Chris Lehmann's closing keynote at ISTE 2011
[Just the ending here. Click through for the full text.]

"My students will be poets






All while being beautiful

Everyday I will tell them they're beautiful"
sla  iste  poetry  poems  highschool  education  teaching  beauty  tcsnmy  learning  creativity  sinneadouglas 
july 2011 by robertogreco
SpeEdChange: The art of seeing (Part II) The Practice
"When I observe a school I start by watching how I, and how kids, approach it. I watch how the corridors operate, both when filled with movement and (if) when empty. Empty corridors during a school day speak loudly to me. So do classrooms with one kind of seating, one kind of lighting, or one "teaching wall." I watch the feet of kids in a class. I watch them fidget… [many more examples]…

This multiply-focused kind of observation helps me to begin to deep map a school…

the linearity and single-focus of traditional education has, perhaps, robbed you of, or severely limited, your human observation skills. Tens of thousands of hours of single subject lessons, of staring at teachers, of conference sessions divided into "tracks," have stunted the human abilities you had before you entered school. So, if you feel out of practice, here are a few ideas: Eavesdrop…Look for something you haven't looked for before in a place you've been a million times…Stare…Talk to strangers"
irasocol  noticing  observation  learning  schools  teaching  unschooling  deschooling  schooldesign  lcproject  tcsnmy  students  perspective  eavesdropping  staring  strangers  conversation  understanding  2011  howto  tutorials  adhdvision  adhdwalk  deepmapping  sensemaking  publicschools  sla  chrislehmann  pammoran  children  people  howwework  howwelearn 
june 2011 by robertogreco
EduCon 2.2 Reflections - What Do You Think? - Practical Theory
"Caring about our students is about listening to them. About learning about them -- from them. It is, as I've written before, about understanding that if we hope to be a transformative figure in their lives, we must be willing to be transformed ourselves.

And that starts with a question -- "What do you think?" and then listening, fully and deeply, to their answer. That is the ethic of care made manifest in the inquiry process."
caring  teaching  inquiry  inquiry-basedlearning  process  listening  schools  tcsnmy  sla  chrislehmann  deschooling  unschooling  modeling  education  learning 
february 2010 by robertogreco
Educational Insanity » The Logic of “Our” Arguments
"In sum, then, I think “we” are putting broken carts before the horses. “We” are concentrating too much on the “why change” argument without first fully and clearly articulating what it is “we” want from schools. Furthermore, the “why change” arguments, I argue (meta?), are fundamentally flawed. [The “Digital Natives” Argument, The Economics Argument, The Business Argument] There are lots of reasons for the institution of schooling to be transformed. Likewise, there are lots of reasons to consider the affordances of ubiquitous computing for learning. I ask you to help me think through those reasons in ways that are well-informed and logical…especially those of you with whom I hope to have fully maximized face-to-face experiences this weekend at Educon. I look forward to deliberating with many of you there!"
digitalnatives  edtech  education  change  reform  tcsnmy  purpose  technology  engagement  democracy  sla  chrislehmann  educon  learning  logic  jonbecker  richardflorida 
february 2010 by robertogreco
Tuttle SVC: Braindump: High Tech High AND KIPP
"KIPP & "no excuses" advocates have no qualms about unambiguously promoting specific models, even if they don't know everything about them. Progressive educators, including myself, seem to be more circumspect, knowledgeable and experienced by nature. The more you deal with the intricacies of actual implementation, the less you want to say any given system is "the answer.""
education  schools  hightechhigh  reform  change  sla  educon2.0  tomhoffman  lcproject  tcsnmy  kipp  curriculum  assessment  testing 
january 2009 by robertogreco
Show Me What You Believe - Practical Theory
"mission statements are meaningless unless people can point to where the pieces of their mission statement live in their school...key places to look to see what schools really value: schedule, curriculum planning/professional development, assessment"
administration  management  schools  missionstatements  professionaldevelopment  schedule  chrislehmann  sla  curriculum  assessment  learning  leadership 
february 2008 by robertogreco
Tuttle SVC: Does It Scale?
"we seem to have painted ourselves into strategic corner...given facts on ground in US education politics, "Does it scale" has no right answer. All our options are bad in Iraq. Tactical success is possible, but big picture is just FUBAR"
education  policy  us  scaling  sla  change  reform  leadership  administration  schools  comments 
january 2008 by robertogreco
My School, MEET MySpace - Edutopia [April 2007]
"People often don't listen when they have to talk in class," he says. "They're thinking about what they'll say. And you hear from the loudest, not necessarily the most thoughtful."
schools  socialsoftware  socialnetworks  blogs  communication  participatory  education  learning  curriculum  sla  schooldesign  technology  networking 
march 2007 by robertogreco

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