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Introducing The National Algorithm – Sjef van Gaalen – Medium
[also tagging this for the slides themselves, especially the diptychs ]

"This is a write-up of the talk I’ve been giving while working on my current research project “The National Algorithm”, an investigation of the tensions and relationships embedded in modern camouflage patterns.

The talk consists of a heavily condensed history of modern military camouflage and what it has come to symbolise, then goes into the specifics of the project itself."

[See also:

"Introducing the Netherlands Experimental Pattern, orange variant (NEP-Oranje). Created by reverse-engineering the fractal camouflage design methodology developed by TNO Defence for the Netherlands Armed Forces, NEP-Oranje is at the cutting edge of camouflage pattern design. Wear it with pride or wear it to hide, whenever a national frenzy reaches fever pitch you'll be covered."]
sjefvangaalen  2017  camouflage  slides  presentations  visuals  diptychs 
october 2017 by robertogreco
tmcw/biggie · GitHub
"biggie is the last mile of big. It turns Markdown into slides, and slides into a website, and even posts it online for you with the magic of and gist."
via:straup  presentations  markdown  slides  gist  big  biggie 
june 2013 by robertogreco
Chinese DIY Inventions - In Focus - The Atlantic
"One visible sign of China's recent economic growth is the rise in prominence of inventors and entrepreneurs. For years now, Chinese farmers, engineers, and businessmen have taken on ambitious do-it-yourself projects, constructing homemade submarines, helicopters, robots, safety equipment, weapons and much more. Some of the inventions are built out of passion, some with an eye toward profit, (some certainly safer than others), and a few have already led to sales for the inventors. Gathered here are recent photos of this DIY movement across China."
china  engineering  photos  photography  invention  inventions  robots  housing  arks  submarines  2013  vehicles  motorcycles  slides  houses  portability  mobility  nomads  disasters  airplanes  diy  making  makers  bikes  prosthetics  helicopters 
may 2013 by robertogreco
russell davies: what I meant to say at lift - part two - big red buttons and sliding into glass
"Touch & screens...if it's all we do...we're going to be missing most of our bodies & senses. Presentations/PowerPoint are an example. Conference organisers & software/hardware makers seem determined to promote fantasy that slides control off stage, hidden, controller as small as possible...seem to be working towards an ideal state where slides are advanced by an inflection in speaker's mind. ...reinforces & is reinforced by, a particular school of talks which imagines them as exchange of minds facilitated by language, occasionally supported by imagery...such a waste, like taking talking head off telly & going to see it live... We should be thinking of all the things we can to make ourselves more to engage physically w/ our materials - our presentation, our slides. We should be performing PowerPoint not just showing it. You ought to be able to buy a PowerPoint Hero controller that gets you engaged the way Guitar Hero controller does."
performance  powerpoint  slides  senses  acting  engagement  speaking  talks  keynote  lift  russelldavies  howto  physicality  guitarhero  controllers  spectacle  tcsnmy  classideas  natal  presentations 
july 2010 by robertogreco
SEEDMAGAZINE.COM § The Pre-Electric Slide
"Advances in lens-making technology in the early 1800s brought a whole new world into view for science enthusiasts—with better lenses came cheaper microscopes, so that cells, tissues, and even multicellular microorganisms could suddenly be seen in the comfort of one’s home. An industry of microscope slide-makers sprang up to feed this new demand, and as they searched for the best way to thin-slice a kidney or mount a cluster of diatoms, they advanced the science of microscopy while creating objects of unusual beauty. Here, selections from the collection of Howard Lynk, a hobbyist who researches the slide-makers of the 1840s-1860s, show some highlights of their oeuvre."
science  history  microscopes  slides  photography  microscopy  seed  victorianage 
february 2010 by robertogreco
View Poster - More Talk, Less Chalk: Lexically Sparse Slides Improve Recall of Taught Material
"Classroom use of presentation software, whereby information is simultaneously delivered verbally and visually, risks overloading students' working memory and impairing learning. We compared traditional and lexically-sparse slide presentations, using multiple-choice and short essay answers to assess learning; participants exposed to traditional slides performed significantly worse on their essay answers. "
presentations  powerpoint  learning  memory  cognitive  cognition  teaching  education  tutorials  slides 
june 2009 by robertogreco
SlideRocket - The Best Online Presentation Software.
"Introducing SlideRocket. With professional authoring tools, intelligent asset management, market leading analytics and the new SlideRocket Marketplace, SlideRocket puts everything you need to make great presentations at your fingertips. Create and collaborate with your peers, integrate dynamic data, and share securely online or offline, with consistent results every time. SlideRocket redefines what presentations can do and what they can do for you."
sliderocket  onlinetoolkit  presentations  powerpoint  keynote  freeware  productivity  slides 
september 2008 by robertogreco
Chris Heathcote: anti-mega: abstract pointillist
"Presenting the abstract pointillist powerpoint toolkit. 20 slides that can be used for any presentation. Cut, paste, copy, crop the slides to create an abstract of your ideas that you can then talk to and through. WARNING: This is an ADVANCED powerpoint
abstraction  keynote  powerpoint  presentations  slides  statistics  chrisheathcote 
may 2008 by robertogreco
Demand Satisfaction! » Slides from the Summit Now Available
"SlideShare is featuring the presentations from our fantastic “Customer Service is the New Marketing” Summit speakers as their spotlight item today."
management  marketing  experience  business  advertising  ads  branding  wk  cv  presentations  slides  via:migurski  wieden+kennedy 
february 2008 by robertogreco
The Slide And Negative To Digital Picture Converter. at Hammacher Schlemmer
"This device converts old 35mm slides and film negatives into digital images, allowing you to easily preserve your memories without having to rely on a conversion service, and allowing you to clear valuable storage space of cluttered slide carousels and d
photography  scanner  slides  negatives  archiving 
november 2007 by robertogreco
Orange Cone: ThingM makes a smart object
"fundamental change that information processing goes through when it becomes ubiquitous. One of the ways I've been discussing this transformation in the last couple of years is by talking about information as a material"
ubicomp  everyware  ambient  design  slides  information  smart-objects  technology  objects  research 
november 2007 by robertogreco
Cool Tool: ScanCafe
"This service will digitize your old slides, negatives and photographic prints at high quality and at a very cheap price. I've been using them to scan my 30-year backlog of photographs and I have been delighted with the results."
kevinkelly  archive  digital  film  photography  services  slides  transfer  imaging 
october 2007 by robertogreco
Jan Chipchase - Future Perfect Archives
"A lot of rich qualitative user research loses its soul by the time it's been squeezed into conference and journal submission formats and in addition, work involving concept generation tends to remain confidential. So what you see here scratches the surfa
slides  janchipchase  anthropology  ethnography  nokia  phones  mobility  mobile  research  interaction  presentations  publications  technology  sociology  social  design  futurism  future  experience  ux  users  innovation  images 
september 2007 by robertogreco

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