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Ira David Socol on Teach for America, KIPP Schools, and Reforming Education
"Education ‘as we know it’ is about social reproduction. We are trying to produce students who are “just like the teachers.” And there is a sad feedback loop in this, educators see, in the students who succeed in these reproductive schools, people just like themselves.<br />
But we need to be better than that…because our society needs to change, because it is changing, and schools need to support that.

But it is very hard for teachers to support learning which does not look like their own learning. Very hard. It requires levels of tolerance, of empathy, which are rare. It requires flexibility and a dramatic change in the role of the teacher. And it requires information and communication technologies which can offer pathways that the teacher can not.

It also requires more respect for teachers, more freedom for teachers, and much more support, in terms of ongoing educational opportunities and much better initial teacher training."
education  technology  teaching  learning  reform  irasocol  flexibility  tcsnmy  lcproject  unschooling  deschooling  policy  socialreproduction  empathy  patience  agesegregation  pedagogy 
february 2011 by robertogreco
Matt Hern » Blog Archive » STAY IN SCHOOL KIDS
"Contemporary schools are all about social reproduction. They are absurd authoritarian warehouses designed to churn out industrial workers and docile citizens, to sort kids into winners and losers, inculcate them with appropriate nationalist narratives and dampen their spirit.

Schools as we know them are not about kids, families, teachers or communities thriving. They are not about intellectual inquiry, democratic life or anything like that. The fact that some classrooms and schools, some pockets here and there are vibrant and alive is a testament to people’s resilience and creativity. But like Weil said, schools ‘do not help people become or stay healthy’. They don’t make them smarter or wiser or more generous or more thoughtful – their core goals are very different."
matthern  deschooling  unschooling  education  policy  reform  arneduncan  barackobama  schools  time  schoolyear  democracy  community  resilience  socialreproduction  authoritarianism  lcproject  tcsnmy 
october 2009 by robertogreco

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