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Learning - Source: An OpenNews project
"In-depth case studies by the best journalist-developers in the field. Get schooled on how journo-coders find and build web-native stories, what kinds of questions they ask of data, how choices in presenting the news affects how it’s interpreted, and the ethics they encounter along the way."
opennews  learning  journalism  code  coding  source  howto  storytelling  ethics 
march 2013 by robertogreco
?¿ src-img
"Src Img is a bookmarklet that interfaces with Google™ Image Search to help you find the creators of images you see on blogs that are too lame cool for attribution.

How do I use it?

Drag the following link to the bookmarks bar in your browser.

?¿ src-img
Then click it when you are on a page with images you want to track down."
bookmarklet  bookmarklets  tumblr  source  attribution  blogging  shouldnotbenecessary  images  search 
november 2011 by robertogreco
Nauli's daily dose
"As we don't own most of the photos posted here and often believe in sources given from others, please let us know, if there is anything wrong or you want us to remove a photo you own." [This is one way to do it.]
attribution  tumblr  tumbling  copyright  permission  sharing  source 
february 2011 by robertogreco
Frank Chimero - Lazy Hammer [Too much to quote here. Read the whole thing. Don't miss Franks memory from childhood that opens and closes the essay.]
"maybe we should be risky. Many designers waste an opportunity to make new, meaningful things by instead letting someone else pretend for them and making work that is overly referential. Instead of that, designers can use their skills to collaborate with others to create new things. We can pick up that dinosaur toy and play with it a bit instead of the He-Man toy.

Rather than spin our wheels because we’re left without content, we should partner with others who have a message but not the savvy to properly communicate it. It’s combustion through collaboration…

Designers are excellent producers. We do well to steer and hone other people’s creative impulses, we can fine-polish ideas, and craft successful ways to communicate and tell stories. So, I’d say the next time you’ve got the impulse to make something but don’t have a message or story of your own, consider collaboration."
interestingness  content  frankchimero  collaboration  creativity  storytelling  childhood  toys  play  memory  meaning  imagination  tcsnmy  classideas  writing  clients  personalwork  craft  meta-content  fanart  culture  risk  risktaking  advice  design  message  thewhy  dangermouse  grayalbum  music  brianburton  thinking  source  sourcematerial  invention  crosspollination  crossmedia  sharing  anthropology  interdisciplinary  multidisciplinary  crossdisciplinary  graphics  communication 
august 2010 by robertogreco
Technovia: Why using Technorati to look at the influence of mainstream media on blogging fails
"Technorati tracks only first-order links, which means that any post which references another blog post which references a mainstream media story doesn't get counted towards mainstream media's total."
links  media  literacy  medialiteracy  source  influence  truth  technorati  blogs  newspapers  nytimes  news 
december 2007 by robertogreco

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