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Video Games And Participatory Culture : NPR
"Many video games let you create (your own levels in a first-person shooter, your own creatures in an adventure, for example) and upload these creations so you can share them with other players. It's called participatory culture, where consumers are not couch potatoes but rather active participants and creators themselves. But some argue we're merely being tricked into thinking we're being creative."

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december 2009 by robertogreco
5 Reasons to use SPORE in the Classroom | GeekDad |
Nothing earth shattering in the list, then the comments spin off to DRM, classroom teaching, etc.
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november 2009 by robertogreco
Handheld Learning 2008 - Steven Johnson, Author
Steven Johnson talks about Everything Bad Is Good for You adding references to technologies, games, and media that have appeared since publication of the book.
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january 2009 by robertogreco
LRB · John Lanchester: Is it Art?
"The only thing which isn’t ridiculous about Rand & her ‘objectivism’ is the number of people who take her seriously. It would be a good time for someone to publish a work of fiction or make a movie going into Rand’s ideas and duffing them up a bit – for instance, imagining what it would look like if a society with no laws were turned over to the free will of self-denominated geniuses. Well, someone has done that, except it isn’t a book or movie, it’s a video game. BioShock" "The other way in which games might converge on art is through the beauty and detail of their imagined worlds, combined with the freedom they give the player to wander around in them. Already quite a few games offer what’s known as ‘sandbox’ potential, to allow the player to ignore specific missions and tasks and just to roam around."
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december 2008 by robertogreco
Fred Benenson’s Blog » Spore losing the DRM Fight [the numbers have jumped substantially as of this bookmarking]
"Spore, the long awaited evolved version of Sim City by game genius Will Wright has a DRM problem. As of this post, there are 14 “1 Star” reviews versus six 4 and 5 star reviews, by people who said that they won’t buy it because it has DRM...The moment concentrated actions like protests lead to dis-organized collective action and rebellion en masse is very exciting. If these are actual consumers acting in concert but without prompting from a centrally organized campaign then it means that our efforts at establishing DRM as an anti-feature have been successful."
spore  drm  flashmobs  collective  protests  activism  amazon  reviews  ratings  videogames 
september 2008 by robertogreco
Video: National Geographic's Spore Documentary | Game | Life from
"Though National Geographic's How To Build A Better Being -- the documentary that will be shipping alongside Spore as part of that game's Collector's Edition -- doesn't air until September 9, the channel has passed along a short preview. This clip shows Spore creator Will Wright and marine biologist Tierney Thys discussing Spore's creatures -- specifically, how the game's Creature Creator relates directly to the amazingly varied, real-world sea creatures that Thys studies."
spore  willwright  animals  design  nature  nationalgeographic 
september 2008 by robertogreco
New Computer Game, Spore, Takes Cues From Evolutionary Biology -
"Evolutionary biologists like Dr. Near and Dr. Prum, who have had a chance to try the game, like it a great deal. But they also have some serious reservations. The step-by-step process by which Spore’s creatures change does not have much to do with real evolution. “The mechanism is severely messed up,” Dr. Prum said."
evolution  games  gaming  willwright  spore  science  videogames 
september 2008 by robertogreco
EA's 'Spore' a week from being finished - CNET - "They made "creatures we didn't even know could be made"
"That was a brilliant move because, already, users have made more than 2 million creatures using the system, all of which will be incorporated into the game when it goes live in will be far richer "
spore  games  gaming  crowdsourcing  ea  evolution  gamedesign  willwright  children  creatures 
july 2008 by robertogreco
The Long Now Blog » Blog Archive » Will Wright and Brian Eno - “Playing with Time” - ""Building models, said Wright, is what we do in computer games, and it’s what we do in life...
"...First it’s models of how the world works, then it’s models of how other humans work....[with games] You get to explore other paths to take in the same situation. Eno: “That’s what we do with everything I call culture"
willwright  brianeno  games  play  life  ambient  generative  spore  longnow  stewartbrand  creativity  gamedesign  process 
july 2008 by robertogreco
Games Without Frontiers: 'Spore' Releases the Pixar in You
"what Spore will do, very subtly & quietly, is begin changing way people interact w/ 3-D culture. 3-D art will suddenly seem less opaque & more time you go to animated movie, you'll see onscreen characters as series of design decisio
clivethompson  spore  games  gamedesign  animation  3d  play  pixar  gaming  willwright 
june 2008 by robertogreco
Gallery: Will Wright Walks Us Through 'Spore'
"an extensive first look at the latest version of Spore, a grandiose simulation of every stage of life, from the primordial soup to space exploration"
games  spore  willwright  videogames  gaming  evolution 
february 2008 by robertogreco
Wonderland: SXSW: Will Wright Keynote
"I studied Montessori’s philosophy and methods. She basically wanted kids to explore the world themselves using toys and objects, learning the meaning of things... and I want to build a game where a player is going to come across the Copernican Principl
games  play  videogames  spore  willwright  software  children  education  montessori  learning 
march 2007 by robertogreco

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