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potlatch: the sociology of 'Team GB'
"We are not good at business, and we may not actually be very good at sport. But we have some extraordinary gift for applying management philosophy, to new fields, so long as those fields a) treat inequality as a good thing (i.e. they are competitive) and b) do not reduce that inequality purely to money."
olympics  london  2012  sport  publicsector  uk  management  money  inequality  competition  via:rodcorp 
august 2012 by robertogreco
Why Olympic Records Are Broken (or Not) -
"the more open to competition a sport is, the harder it may be to break records or to post extraordinary statistics. The .400 hitter disappeared in baseball once the color barrier was broken, and black Americans and players from Latin America were allowed to compete in the major leagues. This raised the average level of performance — but also made it harder for any one athlete to stand out quite as much relative to his peers"
sport  olympics  london  2012  records  londonolympics  competition  performance  sports  via:rodcorp 
august 2012 by robertogreco
The Illegal Dirt Bike Gangs of Baltimore | VICE
"Baltimore's Twelve O'Clock Boyz, a hundred-strong gang who wheely dirt bikes through a city where police are banned from chasing them, creating an illegal underground sport that the cops are powerless to do anything about.

For the last three years, filmmaker Lotfy Nathan has been documenting a Baltimore gang known as the Twelve O'Clock Boyz who spend their days and nights doing just that. He's been making a film called Twelve O'Clock in Baltimore (trailer above or here), which is now ready for release at the end of this year. I spoke to him about the gang."
gangs  biking  bikes  motorcycles  westbaltimore  clandestine  sport  recreation  urban  lawenforcement  2012  loftynathan  film  documentaries  documentary  subcultures  dirtbikes  baltimore 
july 2012 by robertogreco
List of common misconceptions - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"This list of common or popular misconceptions corrects various fallacious, misleading, or otherwise flawed ideas that are described by multiple reliable sources as widely held. The statements below are not the misconceptions, but are the actual facts regarding those misconceptions."
misconceptions  astronomy  cooking  history  literature  music  politics  law  religion  science  health  sport  technology  chemistry  physics  biology  evolution  myths  misconception  culture 
march 2010 by robertogreco
Aesthletics: Game Designers Should Create More New Sports - (Whiffle Hurling)
"Essentially, were figuring out how to play. And this is, counter intuitively, a big part of what makes a new game so great: You get to explore the intriguing and unpredictable ways that the rules interact."
games  play  sport  invention  creativity  whifflehurling  design  sports  innovation  gaming  rules  make 
may 2007 by robertogreco

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