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Tupperwolf: Dear the Super Bowl
"Dear the Super Bowl,

It’s not your boringness that makes me mad that you’re everywhere. It’s your ethics. Watching people get paid millions of dollars to smack their heads together is not something I’d be comfortable with even if it were beautiful.

There are compelling stories everywhere, in everyone. We don’t need gladiatorial combat to expose them. If we like sweeping arcs and sudden reversals, there’s some really good animē out there. If we like feeling a sense of pride in our regions, there are many NGOs that could use us. If we like working off a little honest bloodlust, violent computer games are a great option with a far better public health profile. Those of us who enjoy sports per se can join local amateur leagues and have a grand old time.

But you, you are an engine that takes people’s feelings of companionship and courage and sells them. You can go now.

I’m not asking – as some people are – for you to stay out of my field of attention because I don’t care about you. It goes further. I am telling you, Super Bowl, that you are bad for people. My culture is celebrating concussions and genetic lotteries as a model for children and it gives me the fantods. Enough.

Hoping to never hear from you again,

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february 2014 by robertogreco
Super Bowl Gris-Gris: The New Yorker
"In and around New Orleans, the remarkable success enjoyed by the Saints this football season, culminating in the team’s first Super Bowl appearance, can be partly explained by the favorable influence of gris-gris. The term, pronounced “gree-gree,” technically refers to a voodoo amulet, composed of graveyard dirt, eyes of newt, and other readily available local ingredients, meant to ward off evil spells; in looser usage, gris-gris translates roughly to the dark magic itself, which can be directed in favor of, or against, a particular party’s interests. The Saints are a talented and imaginative team, but only gris-gris can account for some of their unlikely victories this season, including the win over the Vikings in the conference championship game, in which Minnesota’s Brett Favre inexplicably abandoned all football sense, tossing a doomed late-game pass into the hands of a Saints defender."

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february 2010 by robertogreco

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