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Super Position – The New Inquiry
"Almost never do superheroes make, create, or build anything. The villains, in contrast, are endlessly creative. They are full of plans and projects and ideas. Clearly, we are supposed to first, without consciously realizing it, identify with the villains. After all, they’re having all the fun. Then of course we feel guilty for it, re-identify with the hero, and have even more fun watching the superego clubbing the errant Id back into submission."

"Costumed superheroes ultimately battle criminals in the name of the law—even if they themselves often operate outside a strictly legal framework. But in the modern state, the very status of law is a problem. This is because of a basic logical paradox: no system can generate itself.

Any power capable of creating a system of law cannot itself be bound by them. So law has to come from somewhere else…

We’ve gone…from a situation where the power to create a legal order derives from God, to one where it derives from armed revolution, to…"
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october 2012 by robertogreco
The Dark Knight Buyses | Dave Ex Machina
"Compare with Superman’s other foil, Lex Luthor. Luthor is, in his most recent forms, a multibillionaire. I don’t know his current origins, but in the past he’s come from pretty humble beginnings. So he’s up there with Batman in the super-wealth and super-brains department, though I don’t think he was just handed his fortune. Fans beg for Superman to fight Batman over and over (though Batman should, according to them — and does — always win) and yet they get this any time Superman goes up against Luthor. Luthor is evil Batman. He’s got the same resources and the same abilities, but unlike Batman, he has not chosen to play by the rules. In the comic book world, this means Luthor doesn’t win, which is why the comic book world is described as “escapism”. In the world as it is, there are far more Luthors than Batmen, and they win far more often."
superman  batman  comics  wealth  escapism  2012  via:tom.hoffman 
july 2012 by robertogreco
BK FEATURE: Why Superman Will Always Suck - Bam! Kapow!
"Really, what lessons do Superman comics teach? It says that mankind is full of dull, pointless weaklings & evildoers who can only be stopped by a white ubermensch from another planet, who didn't work a day in his life in order to achieve his powers."
batman  superheroes  superman  culture  comics  humor  via:kottke 
april 2008 by robertogreco

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