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Nokia’s Burning Ships strategy | asymco
"Leaders motivating followers by removing means to surrender or retreat is not uncommon. It’s harsh & brutal. It’s not a natural thing do do: destroying perfectly useful options is value destructive & generates outrage, even mutiny.

In Nokia’s case, institutional inertia with a vestigial Symbian effort would compel the organization to maintain the current platform while treating the new alternative as a pathogen.

Counter-distruption theory states that the response to a disruption requires a focused approach through an autonomous challenger protected from corporate antibodies by the CEO herself. In this case, the autonomous organization is outside the company (Microsoft). Protecting the new effort was not possible w/ a Chinese wall. The only alternative was to simply get rid of the old & start w/ a clean slate…

…Nokia’s new CEO did not just jump off a “burning platform” but that once he jumped he made sure it kept burning so that nobody thought of going back on board."
microsoft  nokia  asymco  mobile  strategy  leadership  management  disruption  2011  symbian  administration 
february 2011 by robertogreco
ViewRanger : Off-road Topographic Map Navigation, Sports GPS, Buddy Beacon Tracking and Location-Based Content
"ViewRanger™ is a unique mapping, navigation, tracking, and information tool for mobile phones that provides information about your immediate surroundings through a natural and intuitive display. ViewRanger transforms your iPhone, or your Android or Symbian based smartphone into a fully featured trail navigation system.

ViewRanger is ideal for tourists, walkers, cyclists, mountain bikers, horse riders, geocachers, river boaters - in fact anyone who enjoys the outdoors."
gps  maps  mobile  software  symbian  android  iphone  ios  applications  mapping  outdoors  via:preoccupations 
december 2010 by robertogreco
"PhoneGap is an open source development framework for building cross-platform mobile apps. Build apps in HTML and JavaScript and still take advantage of core features in iPhone/iPod touch, iPad, Google Android, Palm, Symbian and Blackberry SDKs."
ajax  android  apple  applications  development  mobile  crossplatform  palm  symbian  blackberry  iphone  ios  via:robinsloan 
december 2010 by robertogreco

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