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tcsnmy6 - When the topic of phonetic spelling (and calendar...
"When the topic of phonetic spelling (and calendar systems and the metric system) came out of our A Little History of the World discussion this morning I promised to share with you a video which points out the absurdity of our spelling conventions and the call to change them. It’s above. There is a better quality verision here.

The man in the video is Ed Rondthaler who recently passed away at the age of 104. He promoted a system of phonetic spelling called Soundspel.

Related: Back in April I pointed out another “Plan for the Improvement of English Spelling.” And here is a poem that pokes fun at English pronunciation."

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april 2011 by robertogreco
RSAnimate | better taste than sorry.
"But the reason for noticing the RSA were their animations I found on the blog of Frank Chimero. And the fact that he founds it through a weblog of a 6th grade class makes me smile."
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may 2010 by robertogreco
Blog: Frank Chimero (Okay, yes, the content of this snippet from a talk...)
"This was found on Rob Greco’s blog for his 6th grade class. I love the fact that I can find things on a blog for 6th graders and share it with all of you and feel that it’s relevant. In sixth grade I was picking my nose, pulling hair, and throwing rocks and not thinking about how standard economic concepts about incentives break sometimes.
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may 2010 by robertogreco

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