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"Play with Experimental Extensions to Scratch!

With Experimental Extensions, you can create Scratch projects that connect with external hardware (such as electronic devices and robotics) and online resources (including web data and web services)."

[See these:
- Arduino
- Text to Speech
- ISS Tracker
- Sound Synthesizer
- Twitter
- Weather ]
scratch  arduino  twitter  sound  texttospeech  weather  iss 
august 2016 by robertogreco —Transforming Mobile Engagement
"Competition for reader attention has never been more intense. And now people are spending less time on computers and more time on their phones. Publishers have had to find an effective way to cram all of their content and advertising onto tiny little screens. And it’s not working. And everyone knows it’s not working. But what’s the alternative?


We let readers experience stories in a format perfectly designed for mobile consumption: audio. The SpokenLayer platform was built from the ground up with a specific mission: to give publishers of all sizes a fully integrated audio solution at speeds never before imaginable. What are you waiting for?"
audio  spokenlayer  texttospeech  mobile 
february 2014 by robertogreco
SpeEdChange: Classroom Changers
"School (in North America and Europe) is starting soon. So I just wanted to offer five quick "classroom changing" solutions... 1. The Backchannel… 2. Text-To-Speech… 3. Spellchecking for the rest of us… 4. Speech Recognition… 5. Do Not Disturb" [Bookmarked mostly for the tools that it points to. I've used many of these approaches before (often with other tools), all great advice.]
irasocol  edtech  classideas  texttospeech  backchannel  spellcheck  speechrecognition  teaching  tcsnmy  resources  specialed 
august 2010 by robertogreco
Apple Learning Interchange - iPod touch. Touching student lives in the classroom.
"While the iPod touch can offer engaging, exciting learning opportunities to all students, perhaps one of the greatest ways the device can be used in education is helping those students who have exceptional learning needs beyond their peers. As a capable and very extensible device, the iPod touch can become a powerful and useful tool specifically to ensure special learners can succeed in any learning environment."
ipodtouch  iphone  teaching  accessibility  edtech  elearning  learning  tcsnmy  literacy  applications  audio  speech2text  texttospeech  ios 
february 2010 by robertogreco

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