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icon | 050 | august "We do not believe in “idiot-proof” technology – because we are not idiots, and neither are you. We will use language with care, and will search for less patronising words than “user” and “consumer”....
"We will focus on services, not on things. We will not flood the world with pointless devices. We believe that “content” is something you do – not something you are given by a person in a black T-shirt."
design  thackara  services  sustainability  technology  content  participatory  consumer  consumption 
august 2007 by robertogreco
icon | 050 | august
50 manifestoes: maeda, koolhaas, acconci, wamders, mau, sagmeister, thackara, hadid, prince-ramus, mayne, FAT, antonelli, manaugh, holl, chalayan, rogers
design  manifestos  architecture  remkoolhaas  oma  amo  princeramus  vitoacconci  thommayne  jonmaeda  thackara  zahahadid  stevenholl  johnmaeda 
august 2007 by robertogreco
Doors of Perception weblog: New concept of mobility - in three lines
"Reducing the movement of matter - whether goods, or people - is a main challenge in the transition to sustainability. Technology, in this context, can help us use resources in a radically more efficient way - and by 'resources' I do not just mean matter
mobility  thackara  transportation  mobile  ubicomp  ubiquitous  technology  concepts  ideas  thinking  sustainability  resources  time  space  energy 
july 2007 by robertogreco
Doors of Perception weblog: School out of school
"Hall's research seems to confirm my own unkindly-received assertion that "there's no need to purpose build huge numbers of schools and colleges". The more pressing challenge, surely, is to confront the dimishing spaces of childhood."
schools  schooldesign  construction  uk  thackara  children  universities  space  design  money  learning  education  lcproject  future  childhood 
april 2007 by robertogreco
Doors of Perception weblog: learning Archives
"Comments on design and innovation by John Thackara" - those tagged as learning
learning  education  schools  schooldesign  design  thackara 
april 2006 by robertogreco

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