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Bonfire of the Humanities | Mali |
"Nobody goes to Timbuktu, right? Patrick Symmes did, to discover what happened when jihadi rebels set out to burn one of the world’s finest collections of ancient manuscripts. Bouncing around by truck, boat, and boots, he got an intimate look at West ­Africa’s most mythic locale."
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april 2014 by robertogreco
Iwan Baan - photography: Ahmed Baba Center - Timbuktu - Mali by DHK Architects and Two Think Architecture
"The Timbuktu Manuscripts Trust, formed as a joint South Africa-Mali co-operation initiated by former President Thabo Mbeki and former Mali President Mr Oumar Konare in 2001, founded a new library meant to collect, restore and digitize thousands of manuscripts, currently held in private libraries and homes. The new library called Ahmed Baba Center has collected more then 30,000 manuscripts, but there are estimated 300,000-700,000 manuscripts in the region. Today there are still approximately 80 private libraries in the town, amongst which the biggest are Mamma Haidara Library, Fondo Kati Library and Al-Wangari Library. The documents are also part of Unesco's Memory of the World project, which aims to preserve irreplaceable archive holdings and library collections around the world."

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january 2013 by robertogreco
Noah Raford » On Glass & Mud: A Critique of (Bad) Corporate Design Fiction
"Sophisticated clients such as Corning and others who commission this work should take note: despite the widespread attention given to videos like this, consumers see right through the special effects and glitzy production to the substance beneath. If there is no real substance beneath, it will come back to haunt you…

That said, we still need more video in futures work and more futures work in product design.  So instead of discouraging the use of video to engage and communicate, designers and futurists working on these projects should consider the follow criteria for making high-quality futures videos that are also profound and thoughtfully reflective of future change.

1. Don’t stare at your navel: …

2. Don’t extrapolate to infinity: …

3. Don't fetishize technology: …

4. Don't ignore what people care about: …

5. Don't dumb it down: …"
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march 2012 by robertogreco
David Byrne's Journal: 12.14.11: "You 'Da Boss?" Collective Creation
"Others have preferred to view the social insects, not as social cities composed of individuals, but as single super organisms—more like one being made up of millions of semi-autonomous crawling “cells.” This would mean that these towering termite mounds and the tunnels of the ant colonies might represent the clothing or shell that belongs to a collective whole being…

If we make that leap, then we too can be seen as sophisticated works of “soft” architecture. Just like the cities of the ants, bees and termites, one would never imagine that our little cells would be able to individually make and organize a structure as complex as we are. If we reorient our viewpoint, and can see ourselves as a kind of ant colony, we get a frightening insight that maybe our sense of free will is not much more than that of the ants and termites. Our most beautiful cities, and maybe we too, are not much more sophisticated than those of the social insects."
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december 2011 by robertogreco
FLAP Bag: Change Observer: Design Observer
"A shoulder bag conceived to help nomadic people in urbanizing places, by providing them with an integrated solar-powered light and the potential to charge electronic devices, shows how iteration can prepare a bold design for the market. It also shows how a powerful idea can be tripped up (though hardly vanquished) by obstacles on the path to mass production."
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november 2009 by robertogreco

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