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ShareBrained Technology | Electronics for Curious Brains
"Hi, I’m Jared. I have a little company called ShareBrained Technology. It’s just me right now, designing timekeeping, radio, and music hardware and software I think is cool. I subscribe to the open-source hardware philosophy — if you buy a product, you should be able to modify it in whatever way you imagine. Encouraging hacking of hardware and software is the best way I can think of to promote the advancement of useful technology.

Have a look around the Web site — at my blog, or at my products, and let me know what you think via e-mail, Facebook, or Google+. If you live in Portland, Oregon, catch me at a Dorkbot PDX meeting."
music  radios  sharebrained  hacking  portland  oregon  jaredboone  make  microcontroller  kits  steampunk  timepieces  clocks  diy  hardware  electronics 
august 2012 by robertogreco
Time after time
"I notice the intersection of cities and timepieces when I’m running — in New York and elsewhere. I always head out first thing in the morning before commuters stir, the time a city betrays its secrets, bare with honesty, without its citizens clothing it with attitude. When I do, the relationship of that city with time stands apparent. Run through Brooklyn on a given morning, and you’ll go no further than eight blocks before a church tower, park clock, or intersection reveals the time. Yet other cities are void of public reveals. Time dissipates into the pockets of citizens, and the absence and presence of time and timepieces is just as tangible and meaningful as the time itself."
life  cities  time  via:tealtan  brooklyn  timepieces  watches  nyc  place  timespace 
may 2012 by robertogreco

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