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In defense of open source innovation and polite disagreement | hello.
"One dynamic that happens in a lot of idealist communities: we praise our opponents who make even a small step in our direction, but we attack our own mercilessly when they make even a small step away from us. It’s counter-productive.

I don’t know what MakerBot will do regarding the Replicator 2′s licenses and source material, but if they do something I disagree with, I will talk to them in the same tone that I’d expect them to address me in if I did something they disagreed with. I won’t call them names.

So: if you’ve got an objection to what MakerBot or anyone in your own community does, speak up. But do it politely. Before you say anything, phrase it as if you had the person you’re addressing in front of you. Check the language with your grandmother, if you need to. If she tells you you’re being impolite, listen to her. She’s probably right. She changed your diaper once, you know. She knows when your poo stinks."
counterproductivepractices  civility  respect  discussion  debate  attack  praise  criticism  brepettis  replicator2  tomigoe  idealism  opensource  disagreement  2012 
september 2012 by robertogreco
Kicker Studio: Six Questions from Kicker: Tom Igoe
"There are products that I’ve gotten attached to though. I really miss the Macbook 12″ aluminum model. It was the best laptop Apple ever made, & they discontinued it in the name of selling more. That’s total crap to me. Apple could have led the way in service design by saying “We know you love that macbook. Let us put in a new CPU & a nicer screen, maybe clean up the keyboard a bit, & let you keep the basic form.” That would have been kickass. But no, they’re not that innovative.... My undergrad advisor told me “The only thing you need to know as a designer is everything.” I think that’s been good advice, actually, in that the most important tool of a designer is the ability to study & learn. You’re constantly working in domains you’ve never worked in, and you have to approach each one as a novice student, & learn about it before you can design for it. That’s probably the most important thing, I think... You can’t control what people think, you can only guide what they do."
kicker  tomigoe  interviews  design  apple  sustainability  innovation  learning  lifelonglearning  tcsnmy  glvo  lcproject  designthinking  studying  process  howwework  advice  wisdom 
july 2010 by robertogreco
How I built an RFID device without hurting myself | Geek Gestalt - CNET News
"I'm here at ETech, the Emerging Technology conference, and I'm sitting in on a session called "Hands-on RFID for Makers." Led by Tom Igoe, a professor at New York University's Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP), and Brian Jepson, from O'Reilly Media, the workshop is designed as a primer for people interesting in building RFID readers for use in a wide variety of situations. I thought it would be fun to sit in on the session and see how the systems work."
rfid  make  tomigoe  classideas 
march 2009 by robertogreco

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