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Torino is a city on the move. The tradition forms of representation are obsolete or inadequate to depict the current reality and the dynamics in progress.

Project question
How can the city be made legible and comprehensible, understood as a complex organism and as a web of physical and social networks?

The urban territory is a system whose complexity is growing, in which a multitude of tangible and intangible flows (people, goods, information) stratify and interconnect.

Faced with all this, the traditional modes of mapping and representing the city appear entirely inadequate: the representations of the new physical and social networks, like that of their individual and collective life, are a new challenge for the design of communication. The representation of the phenomena demands the gradual abandonment of classical visual languages, i.e. of maps that lay their trust chiefly in the topological and geographical metaphor.

Overcoming these limits means building a new representation of the city: a collective vision capable of defining and visualising the new concept of urban space and, more in general, social spaces.

The theme, proposed in collaboration with the Urban Center Metropolitano of Torino, aims to produce visualisations in the form of diagrams and maps of relationships that induce a new way of viewing human-city interaction, and also useful for outlining new criteria for its development."
gaiascagnetti  place  torino  progress  2008  legibility  comprehension  understanding  cities  urban  urbanism  maps  mapping  networks  geography  communication  visualization  christiannold  jimsegers  donatoricci  paolociuccarelli  giuseppevaccario  andrewridge  tomziora  aliciahorvathola  federicamessina  veronicafilice 
december 2015 by robertogreco
Bruce Sterling Closing Talk by SXSW on SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds
"World traveler, science fiction author, journalist, and future-focused design critic Bruce Sterling spins the globe a few rounds as he wraps up the Interactive Conference with his peculiar view of the state of the world. Always unexpected, invented on the fly, a hash of trends, trepidations, and creative prognostication. Don't miss this annual event favorite. What will he covered in 2015?"
makers  making  brucesterling  internetofthings  sxsw  2015  turin  torino  design  climatechange  makerspaces  ianbogost  via:steelemaley  3dprinting  economics  apple  google  amazon  microsoft  future  business  iot 
march 2015 by robertogreco
raumlabor berlin » Blog Archiv » CANTIERE BARCA
"The intent of the workshop “Cantiere Barca” was to establish a space of commiunication, common activity and discussion with young people from Barca and Bertolla in their neighborhood.

Barca today is a modern suburb of Torino without any significant attractions for the young people living there. The project aims at promoting youth creativity in a place where the conditions of young people are difficult. The goal was to develop with the community a process of re-appropriation and exploitation of urban space.

Starting from the old social centre, with its very questionable qualities, we developed and build different objects (benches, a stage, a soccer field , hiding-places) to turn this common space into a meeting point for the neighborhood. In the building process the youngsters will learned step by step how to handle woodworking tools. Through the process of realising a collective idea the participants experienced that it is possible to make changes in their living environment."
2011  play  pop-ups  urbaninterventions  urbanism  urban  creativity  youth  barca  cantierebarca  people  social  hidingplaces  design  architecture  torino  turin  raumlabor 
september 2012 by robertogreco
…My heart’s in Accra » TEDGlobal: Sugata Mitra, beyond Hole in the Wall
"experiment in Hyderabad asked children who spoke English with a strong Telugu accent to use a voice recognition system on a computer. 2 months later, their accents had changed & were closer to the neutral British accent of the speech synthesizer.

Mitra had a conversation w/ Arthur C. Clarke [who] said, “If a teacher can be replaced with a machine, he should be.” & Clarke told him that student interest is the most important thing in education...

Maybe the most amazing experiment comes from Turin, where Mitra went to a primary school and started writing questions on the white board in English for students who speak only Italian. Using Google translate, students were answering questions like “Who was Pythagoras and what did he do?” in a few minutes.

Mitra tells us that he future of education is self-organized learning environments. They let students learn together, use resources and people they can access online & explore on their own, & he plans on testing this going forward."
sugatamitra  holeinthewall  outdoctrination  learning  education  unschooling  deschooling  turin  torino  testing  self-organizedlearning  autodidacts  colaboration  cheating  sharing  motivation  2010  pln  teaching  technology  ted  ict  edtech  biotech  math  google  ethanzuckerman  self-organizedlearningenvironment 
july 2010 by robertogreco
Detroit, the American Torino | Beyond the Beyond from
"Creatives living like mice in the unsustainable ruins of 20th century industrialism. But maybe mice is the wrong metaphor. There's so much *green* here that it's starting to look like giant strangler-figs rising and cracking the sidewalks. The natives of Detroit and Torino have already been through the grinding hell of decline that's awaiting your city, which is why I consider them natives of the future. Living in the rubble of Henry Ford the way Italians live in the rubble of the Roman Empire."
detroit  torino  turin  cities  gentrification  optimism  green  collapse  urbandecay  urban  urbanism  archaeology  planning  architecture  design  future  ecotopia  postindustrial  urbanreclamation  brucesterling 
august 2008 by robertogreco
Frontiers of Interaction IV [videos here:]
"la mobilità, l’internet delle cose, gli spime ne rappresentano una esplosiva evoluzione capace di influenzare radicalmente i nostri comportamenti sociali e la conoscenza che abbiamo del mondo che ci circonda."
interaction  design  italy  events  torino  brucesterling  nicolasnova  howardrheingold  adamgreenfield 
july 2008 by robertogreco
Associazione Culturale NADA
"Nada is a non-profit organization devoted to research and knowledge sharing in the field at the intersection of design, art, media and technology."
art  interactive  italy  media  research  software  technology  torino  workshop  generative  design 
december 2007 by robertogreco

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