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Driving safely in the dark – BNO
"We are not in a recession", says John Thackara. "This is permanent. The industrial growth society is on its way out. The good news is that a new kind of economy is now emerging, and it's full of potential for design." For the jubileum of BNO, the professional association for Dutch designers, the self-styled 'optimistic doomer' will describe what he calls the restorative economy. 

"For life's real necessities, lighter alternatives are emerging," Thackara says. "This new economy is proof that we are creative enough to imagine sustainable and engaging futures - and take design steps to realize them".

In his lecture, John Thackara focused on inspiring stories from the new economy: peer-to-peer health care and i-medicine; product upcycling; ride-sharing platforms; alternative trade networks, transition towns, and digital local currencies. His talk concludes with provocative suggestions for BNO's next fifteen years - including a "BNO University".
2011  localcurrencies  digitallocalcurrencies  transitiontowns  alternativetradenetworks  ridesharing  upcycling  healthcare  peertopeer  economics  resilience  future  johnthackara 
january 2012 by robertogreco
Doors of Perception weblog: How to make systems thinking sexy
"We will not transition successfully to a restorative economy until systems thinking becomes as natural, for millions of people, as riding a bike…a big ask. How do we get from here, to there?

…Buckminster Fuller Challenge is 1 of more important projects to address this task—& serving on jury was by far hardest work I did last year.

Our task was easily enough stated: select "a bold, visionary, but tangible initiative that has significant potential to solve humanity's most pressing problems". To that headline—challenge on its own—was appended a daunting set of criteria for the assessment of each entry: Did it apply a whole systems approach to all facets of the design & development process? Is the project ecologically responsible? Is it feasible—not just in an ideal world, but using current technology & existing resources.? Can the project's claims be verified by rigorous empirical testing? &, is the project replicable? Can it scale & be adapted to a broad range of conditions?"
design  architecture  policy  systems  systemsthinking  buckminsterfuller  johnthackara  ecology  ecosystems  transitiontowns  transitionculture  energy  future  planning  operationhope  brownrevolution  blueventures  alasdairharris  politics  guntherpauli  economics  growth 
june 2011 by robertogreco

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