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Paris Review - The Art of Fiction No. 39, Jorge Luis Borges
Too much to choose, but here's one interesting bit: "Now as for the color yellow, there is a physical explanation of that. When I began to lose my sight, the last color I saw, or the last color, rather, that stood out, because of course now I know that your coat is not the same color as this table or of the woodwork behind you—the last color to stand out was yellow because it is the most vivid of colors. That's why you have the Yellow Cab Company in the United States. At first they thought of making the cars scarlet. Then somebody found out that at night or when there was a fog that yellow stood out in a more vivid way than scarlet. So you have yellow cabs because anybody can pick them out. Now when I began to lose my eyesight, when the world began to fade away from me, there was a time among my friends . . . well they made, they poked fun at me because I was always wearing yellow neckties. Then they thought I really liked yellow, although it really was too glaring."
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february 2011 by robertogreco
Shareable: Can a City Build a Better Version of Itself?
"Renderings in master plan of gleaming towers, parks & gardens suggest harmony, community & sustainability. It embodies almost all of design ideas we promote on Indeed, my first reaction on seeing master plan was to be awed & excited—& I wasn’t alone: most local coverage of development has bordered on fawning. “If Treasure Island is reborn along the lines being touted, result will be a neighborhood like none the Bay Area has seen,” writes architecture critic John King in SF Chronicle. Meanwhile, green sites like Inhabitat have presented the project as architectural porn.
architecture  cities  ecotopia  redevelopment  us  utopia  urban  treasureisland  sanfrancisco 
august 2010 by robertogreco

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