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jay nelson
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"Directing an Experience

I’m interested in architectural forms because of the weight they carry in our lives. on the most basic level they provide us with a safe place to rest and think but they also determine the way we interact with each other and create a frame for the outside world. Arranging the pieces of a structure is infinite and those arrangements make us who we are.

While working through projects I have come to consider the different pieces of a structure, how these parts are arranged and what they represent. A window is a way of directing a persons gaze towards a view or an idea I want to share. I use Furniture to influence interaction with a space an art work or another person. The roof and walls encourage privacy, intimacy and inwardness. lighting draws the gaze.

In a museum a bench is placed in front of a painting. It is a visual cue telling the person to stop and sit this distance from the artwork. The bench may be just as important as the painting in evoking an experience. This gesture was the starting point for my current work. Typically a painter makes a painting for a structure but why not make a structure for a painting.

The objective in my work is using structures to direct an experience . Sometimes I’m directing an experience for my self like with my mobile structures and dwellings and other times Im directing an experience for an audience.

My work is project based, for an exhibit I come up with a vision for the the whole show and then build the elements as one piece, which means as a painter the paintings and then the structure that holds the paintings. If I'm building a mobile structure or dwelling its designed around an experience I plan to have, a trip I will take or time I will spend in a structure."
jaynelson  wood  forts  art  artists  treehouses  sanfrancisco  outersunset  sfsh  classideas  sunsetdistrict 
november 2013 by robertogreco
Treehouses: Online community for internet // Speaker Deck
Notes here by litherland:

“The ephemerality of speech [sic] in these tools better affords intimacy.” Revisit. /

“That speech is temporal also means someone can be absent, which makes presence meaningful.” Makes a lot of assumptions; needs to rethink (or think harder about) what speech is. Or what he means by it. /

Concept of “intransient group memory.” /

Interesting thoughts about playgrounds. /

“Conversation is an iterated game, so your pseudo can be a strong identity even if it isn’t your *public commercial web face*.” [my emph] /

“Hosts use soft power to influence. The group still governs itself.” /

“Recording is corrosive to candid sharing, so a private internet space must be transient.” /
2012  markpaschal  dannyo'brien  via:litherland  heatherchamp  self-organization  openspace  hackerspaces  autonomy  richardbartle  johanhui  johanhuizinga  play  groupmemory  availabot  ephemerality  muds  space  place  alancooper  sovereignposture  secondlife  personalization  tomarmitage  animalcrossing  ambient  presence  minimumviabletreehouses  minecraft  gaming  games  clubhouses  socialmedia  darkmatter  privacy  sharing  conversation  groups  onlinetreehouses  treehouses  organizing  activism  community  ephemeral 
january 2012 by robertogreco
Dezeen » Outlandia by Malcolm Fraser Architects
"Edinburgh studio Malcol, Fraser Architects have completed a treehouse in Glen Nevis, Scotland,

Outlandia is an off-grid treehouse artist studio and fieldstation in Glen Nevis, Lochaber, Scotland. A flexible meeting space in the forest for creative collaboration and research. Imagined by artists Bruce Gilchrist and Jo Joelson (London Fieldworks) and designed by Malcolm Fraser Architects, Outlandia is inspired by childhood dens, wildlife hides and bothies, by forest outlaws and Japanese poetry platforms."
malcolmfraser  architecture  design  treehouses  homes  research  forests  glvo  scotland  meetingplace  writing  wherewework  studios  small  tinyhomes 
march 2011 by robertogreco
2009/10/03 - The Minister's Tree House - a set on Flickr
"I had about half a day to adventure. Alexis and I drove out Calfkiller highway to check potential places for a cleanup. The road was narrow, winding and without a shoulder. It was also relatively clean. Probably not the best place to adopt.

From there we headed east to Cumberland County and found our way to the tree house. And since we were right there we went to Stonehaus and enjoyed a free wine tasting. It was a nice morning. :-)"
tennessee  treehouses  homes  buildings  wood  assemblage  glvo 
december 2010 by robertogreco
dass: tree house hotel
"the tree house hotel designed by dass is a small hideout in nature - a microspace placed
housing  treehouses  trees  wood  homes  architecture  design  small  smallhomes 
october 2009 by robertogreco
Korowai [Tree People] - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia [see also:]
"The Korowai, also called the Kolufo, are a people of southeastern Papua...Until the 1970s, they were unaware of the existence of any people besides themselves and some immediately neighboring tribes"
via:kottke  papuanewguinea  homes  trees  treehouses  culture  anthropology 
april 2008 by robertogreco
Aardvarchaeology : Ruins of Childhood
"next time you come upon abandoned treehouse're standing in the ruins of someone's childhood...children who used site no longer exist: they're grownups now, living somewhere else, disposing more rationally of belongings"
archaeology  children  maps  treehouses  ruins  childhood  construction  glvo 
february 2008 by robertogreco
Click opera - Notes on Fujimori
"This sensitivity and whimsicality is how Japan can mark its difference from China. No to Brutalism! No to idiotic skyscrapers! No to economic standardization!"
architecture  japan  terunobufujimori  miyazaki  treehouses  homes  gardens  housing  wood  materials  organic  tradition  slow  exhibits  landscape 
may 2007 by robertogreco

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