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The Time Machine - Ta-Nehisi Coates - Personal - The Atlantic
"The train, in all aspects, was a superior experience. The first thing was the feeling of everything melting away, of someone else taking control. When flying there are generally so many rules to be obeyed, and times when specific things can happen that I generally feel like, as a passenger, I'm actually a co-pilot. Lights tell you when you can and can't move. Announcements indicate (because I use a lap-top and iPad) when it's safe to read, write or listen to your music. Food and drink are administered at precise times. All of this within a confined space.

But there was a freedom on the train that you may need to be taller than six feet to really understand. You could walk as you needed to. You could sit in the cafe car and watch the scenery. You could fall into your book. Or you could just sleep, something I can't really do on airplanes. 

Finally there is the fact that, as much as possible, I should avoid supporting airline travel in its current American iteration…"

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ta-nehisicoates  flight  us  tsa  trains  amtrak  privacy  comfort  stress  2011  travel  policy  convenience 
november 2011 by robertogreco
Thought of a Day
"People have been passing it around as "Venn diagram of the day"…sad, because it didn't show up on Monday. I first saw it last Thursday, pointed out by Reddit link…original image…is an imgur upload with no attribution at all. (…If you know who created this thing, please throw me a tweet.)

…now it's been linked by Gruber & Chart Porn & Huffington & Laughing Squid & probably other places but I'm tired of Google for a few seconds. Like I said, it's sad, & one reason is that the joke is funny but it fails to get at the real problem w/ this whole TSA nonsense, which is that it's nonsense. It serves no purpose except to make air travel slower & more uncomfortable.

But the true sadness is that this image isn't a Venn diagram, as you can easily see:

Venn diagrams map out entities. That is, things; in this case, people. A region is a set of people. There may be people in that central area, but I doubt it. (If you are a TSA prostitute with a medical degree, please throw me a tweet.)"
visualization  diagrams  humor  tsa  ontology  venndiagrams  security 
january 2011 by robertogreco
"Now there's a way to protest those intrusive TSA X-ray scanners without saying a word.<br />
4th Amendment Metallic ink-printed undershirts and underwear.<br />
<br />
Assert your rights without saying a word."
activism  2010  clothes  tsa  travel  clothing  privacy  fourthamenment 
november 2010 by robertogreco - For the First Time, the TSA Meets Resistance
"I’m starting to understand some of the Tea Party anger. It’s grossly misdirected, but there are understandable reasons to look around at our country and wonder what the hell has gotten into everyone.<br />
<br />
Personally, I believe in George Carlin’s American Dream: the most intelligent 3 minutes and 14 seconds of political commentary spoken in a generation.<br />
<br />
Two lines from it have stuck with me and helped me mostly stop being scared or disappointed by everything that happens politically. “Be happy with what you got,” and “They’ll get it all from you, sooner or later.”<br />
<br />
I know this sounds hopeless or jaded. But it’s the only way I can cope with American politics. Have you ever known someone who worried constantly and irrationally about all of the dangers that could happen to them (say, on planes) and could barely function in their lives? And you just want to tell them, “Stop worrying about everything! You’ll be fine!”"
us  politics  marcoarment  georgecarlin  teaparty  tsa  travel  rights  control  policy  fear  2010 
october 2010 by robertogreco
"Blowtooth is the glamorous game of international smuggling!
humor  terrorism  tsa  travel 
april 2010 by robertogreco
FiveThirtyEight: Politics Done Right: The Odds of Airborne Terror
"the odds of being on given departure which is the subject of a terrorist incident have been 1 in 10,408,947 over the past decade. By contrast, the odds of being struck by lightning in a given year are about 1 in 500,000. This means that you could board 20 flights per year and still be less likely to be the subject of an attempted terrorist attack than to be struck by lightning."
politics  flight  travel  transportation  airlines  airplanes  terrorism  statistics  math  2009  security  risk  fear  tsa 
december 2009 by robertogreco
The Atlantic Online | November 2008 | The Things He Carried | Jeffrey Goldberg
"Airport security in America is a sham—“security theater” designed to make travelers feel better and catch stupid terrorists. Smart ones can get through security with fake boarding passes and all manner of prohibited items—as our correspondent did with ease."
travel  us  politics  humor  bruceschneier  theatlantic  security  terrorism  tsa  airports 
october 2008 by robertogreco

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