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Collaboration Generation: Teaching and Learning for a New Age | Edutopia
"Information age, rest in pieces. This is the Collaboration Age.

We can all connect instantly across time zones and oceans. Previously impossible partnerships now produce startling innovations. And the four walls of your classroom no longer limit your students' reach.

To thrive in this always-on community, students and teachers must become agile learners, creators, and collaborators. Their success and our country's future depend on it.

It's tough for educators to meet this challenge when the No Child Left Behind law feeds a national obsession with the what of knowledge, not the how. But they can. They must. And some already do."
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december 2008 by robertogreco
Fred Wilson: Hacking Education [distilled quote here stolen from David Smith, aka Preoccupations]
"the entire education system ... [is] stuck in the past. ... I want to help ... build something better in its place. ... The tools to do this are right in front of us; peer production, collaboration, social networking, web video, voip, open source, even game play. ... look at what has happened to the big media institutions ... as a guide ... use a "revolution of the ants" to take down our education institutions & replace them with something better. We all have to start participating & engaging in educating each other. ... We need to massively increase the number of students ... [good teachers] can reach ... our education system is not set up like a star system. It should be. We also need to allow creativity to reign & walk away from the standardized model of education that we are stuck in. ... We need some kind of more organic, more authentic system for determining aptitude. ... games can play a big role here. ... games can play a big role in a new better form of education"
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november 2008 by robertogreco

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