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Happiness Takes (A Little) Magic | The Wirecutter
"I fear technology not because I think it's evil, but because it's too easy to start clicking and never stop…

Thoreau had to abandon work and friends to live simply, but he was not against it. He just had no choice at the time, given the technology at hand. I think we–and information workers like programmers, designers and writers especially–are capable right now of living a fantastic life that marries the wild vitality that Thoreau experienced at Walden with the better parts of civilized living. This is a life that Ted, if he were still in his cabin, could be envious of–if we could only muster the discipline to get away from the noise.

See, for the first time ever, the trade off between living a powerfully exciting life close to nature and adventure and having the basics of civilized, boring life are largely gone. We don't have to abandon civilization and our friends and our work and technology and run off into the woods to live a simple, powerful life."
2012  unabomber  tedkaczynski  slow  clayjohnson  informationdiet  infromation  xenijardin  mattrichtel  walden  thoreau  behavior  psychology  technology  happiness 
february 2012 by robertogreco
Harvard and the Making of the Unabomber - 00.06
"In the fall of 1958 Theodore Kaczynski, a brilliant but vulnerable boy of sixteen, entered Harvard College. There he encountered a prevailing intellectual atmosphere of anti-technological despair. There, also, he was deceived into subjecting himself to a series of purposely brutalizing psychological experiments -- experiments that may have confirmed his still-forming belief in the evil of science. Was the Unabomber born at Harvard? A look inside the files"
theodorekaczynski  academia  2000  psychology  harvard  technology  terrorism  history  education  relativism  unabomber  violence 
october 2010 by robertogreco

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