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In this extraordinary adaptation strategy,... | The Kid Should See This
"In this extraordinary adaptation strategy, Thailand’s Moken sea gypsies can see twice as clearly underwater by controlling the size of their pupils. What was generally considered an automatic reflex for the rest of us is now thought to be something that any child under 5 could learn how to do.

From a study called Superior Underwater Vision in a Human Population of Sea Gypsies by Dr. Anna Gislén:
The Moken may learn to do this due to their extensive use of their eyes in water, where accommodation and concurrent pupil constriction is necessary for them to see the items they gather for food. It should then be possible for all humans to learn to see better underwater. But because sea gypsies have lived by and off the sea for thousands of years, evolution may also have favored those who had intrinsically better underwater accommodative powers. The ability to see well underwater could have become a genetic trait. Another possible explanation is that accommodation underwater is a side effect of the diving response; the parasympathetic nerves that control this reflex also control pupil constriction.

Read more at National Geographic."

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november 2013 by robertogreco
Objects | Underwater New York
"Underwater New York is a digital journal of stories, art and music inspired by the underwater objects and phenomena that surround New York City.

Artists and storytellers have long drawn inspiration from our cityscape, but underneath the water’s surface is another landscape entirely, ranging from the whimsical (a runaway giraffe, a fleet of ice cream trucks, mysterious white goo) to the historical (the steamship Princess Anne, the remnants of Coney Island’s Dreamland). These objects have been discovered by divers and scientists, detectives and engineers, environmentalists and everyday city-dwellers.

Underwater New York is interested in the stories that these objects evoke, in whatever form the stories take. Above all, Underwater New York is a work in progress, and we encourage submissions in any genre. Visit our submissions page to learn more."
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february 2013 by robertogreco
"OpenROV is a DIY community centered around underwater robots for exploration & adventure. We're a group of amateur and professional ROV builders and operators from over 50 countries who have a passion for exploring the deep."
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august 2012 by robertogreco
1,200 Square Feet Under the Sea - Popular Science
"For a 24-hour view of one of the most vibrant coral reefs on Earth, book a room at the world's first underwater hotel"
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december 2006 by robertogreco

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