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The Periscope Project: Urban Education Initiative by The Periscope Project — Kickstarter
"Designed by resident contemporary artists, architects, and educators, the first annual Periscope Urban Laboratory will teach high school students drawing, photography, video-making, construction, hydroponic gardening, and critical thinking skills as potent tools for urban analysis, public art, and environmental sustainability.

Each lab in the series will guide high school students in producing an analytically engaging artistic response to a contemporary regional urban issue and will culminate in a gallery show at the end of the summer. More importantly, we hope to equip students with valuable technical, visual, and aesthetic communication tools necessary to understand, interpret, and critically respond to the urgent urban challenges they face.

We already have the space, skilled instructors, and community support. With your help, the next step is equipment and supplies."
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june 2011 by robertogreco

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