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Velo Cult Reconstructs the Bike Shop as a Welcoming Community Space |
"This is not a place where greasy, scabby-kneed road warriors intimidate you with their superior knowledge of how your bike works. In fact, Velo Cult exists in direct opposition to that style of bike shop...When it was time to move again to yet a bigger spot, Sky looked where his customers lived—the then up-and-coming South Park area of San Diego. Immediately he came across a dilapidated shell of a building in the middle of major renovations and had a vision of the bike shop he had always wanted to be a part of. High ceilings would allow bikes to climb the walls and hang overhead, a wide open shop floor could showcase unique bikes or be cleared for parties and movie screenings, and a loading dock in place of a street-facing wall literally opened the space out onto the street in Southern California’s year-round ideal weather...What he has, instead, is an entirely new community-oriented business, and seems to be having a great time figuring out each new direction." [Love this place.]
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march 2010 by robertogreco

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