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The Creepy Creepy World of Creepy Twins » TimeBlimp
In this article, we explore some of the more fascinating science about twins.  And by fascinating I mean CREEPY.  If you happen to be a twin, please don’t be offended by this article and destroy me with your laser eyes or melt my brain within my skull from thousands of miles away.  And if you aren’t a twin, you’ll soon come to realize that you PROBABLY USED TO BE A TWIN.  Let’s get started.
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june 2012 by robertogreco
Athletic Bilbao's Bielsa – obsessive and dangerous for United's chances | Sid Lowe | Football | The Guardian
"The Argentinian is called El Loco for his attention to detail but he has built the most exciting Athletic Bilbao team for decades."
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march 2012 by robertogreco
Rands In Repose: A Precious Hour
There is a time and place for the purposeful noisiness of busy. The work surrounding a group of people building an impressive thing contains essential and unavoidable busy and you will be rewarded for consistently performing this work well. This positive feedback can feed the erroneous assumption, “Well, the more busy I am, the more rewards forthcoming.” This is compounded by the insidious fact that part of being busy is you aren’t actually aware that you’re busy because you’re too busy being busy. You have no internal measurement of the amount of time you’ve actually spent being busy.

In my precious hour, I am aware that it is quiet. During this silence, maybe nothing at all is built other than the room I’ve given myself to think. I break the flow of enticing small things to do, I separate myself from the bright people on similarly impressive busy quests, and I listen to what I’m thinking.

Every day, for an hour, no matter what.
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march 2012 by robertogreco
Good Tools Have Verb-Based Interfaces | Smarterware
"Thinking it through, I realized this category-based naming convention just doesn't align with my basic mental construct of what software is. Organizing items by category makes sense in libraries and bookstores, on restaurant menus, in music and movies—but not apps. An app isn't consumable media. An app is a tool. It helps you perform an action, to do something. Modern programming languages and APIs are verb-based (think MyObject->setName() and and HTTP's GET and POST), and the user interface should be, too. That's when I settled on a verb-based folder system."
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february 2012 by robertogreco
SEO for Non-dicks - Matt Legend Gemmell
"Keep writing. Relevance is a democratic process, and it also naturally declines if not actively maintained. That’s what relevance means. If you’re not willing to keep updating your site because you actually have something new to say, you don’t deserve to be thought of as relevant. Just accept it, and move on. Do something else. Be relevant elsewhere. You don’t strive for relevance; you just are or aren’t, to whatever current degree the rest of the internet feels appropriate. Some topics retain relevance more than others, but ultimately it quite rightly declines."
seo  relevance  writing  content  2011  via:coldbrain  design  web  twitter  google  webdev  online  socialmedia  meaning  mattlegend  webdesign 
september 2011 by robertogreco
“What Font Should I Use?”: Five Principles for Choosing and Using Typefaces - Smashing Magazine
"Here are five guidelines for picking and using fonts that I’ve developed in the course of using and teaching typography.

1. Dress For The Occasion…While appropriateness isn’t a sexy concept, it’s the acid test that should guide our choice of font…

2. Know Your Families: Grouping Fonts…we only really need to keep track of five groups…Geometric Sans (Helvetica, Univers, Futura, Avant Garde, Akzidenz Grotesk, Franklin Gothic, Gotham)…Humanist Sans (Gill Sans, Frutiger, Myriad, Optima, Verdana)…Old Style (enson, Bembo, Palatino, and — especially — Garamond)…Transitional (Times New Roman, Baskerville) and Modern (Bodoni, Didot)…Slab Serifs (Clarendon, Rockwell, Courier, Lubalin Graph, Archer)…

3. Don’t Be a Wimp: The Principle of Decisive Contrast…keep it exactly the same, or change it a lot…

4. A Little Can Go a Long Way…‘do not exceed recommended dosage‘…

5. Rule Number Five Is ‘There Are No Rules’"
design  web  howto  tutorials  fonts  typography  classideas  tcsnmy  via:coldbrain  graphicdesign  typefaces  toshare 
may 2011 by robertogreco
Review: The Pale King - Look-Listen - March 2011 - St. Louis MO
"You've heard that this is a book about boredom, and the potential for transcendence that exists beyond the featureless horizon of boredom's endless Midwestern field. That if we fight our instincts to distract ourselves from the reality of our adult lives, which are not by nature "fun," and instead pay complete and focused attention to that reality, boredom might reveal to the most focused of us a kind of heaven, a constant atomic bliss."

"Nor will you be surprised that The Pale King is about America and our hyper-advanced economic system. About the paradox of our nation, a unit proudly singular, united and indivisible, and yet premised on a religion of individual freedom. How our deification of independence has opened moral and legal gateways to acts of grotesque selfishness."
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march 2011 by robertogreco
Tracking down my online haters -
"Bryant says, “I reply all the time by saying, ‘Thank you for writing, I appreciate your opinion though I don’t know why you needed to insult me.’ The general response is ‘Gee, I didn’t think anyone was paying attention.’ And they want to be pals with you. It’s the kick-the-dog syndrome. People believe no one’s listening; they think we’re not people, they think there are these giant monoliths controlling thought. Then when they realize someone is listening, they rediscover their manners.”
journalism  internet  twitter  privacy  community  anonymity  jeffpearlman  via:coldbrain  manners  etiquette  netiquette  listening  confrontation  behavior  classideas  kick-the-dogsyndrome 
march 2011 by robertogreco
Information Architects – Use Your Real Name When You Comment
"Dear anonymous reader, if you intend to be critical: Be our guest. But if you’re our guest, act like a guest.

Here is how it works on our channel. You are free to say whatever you like, as long as you post under:

1. your real name or
2. with a reference to an identifiable website or
3. anything else that identifies you to other readers

This is not a dating site, not a social network for artists or an underground association fighting against a repressive regime. From today on, we will delete all unidentifiable comments. Why so harsh?"
identity  etiquette  commenting  netiquette  online  web  via:coldbrain  anonymity 
february 2011 by robertogreco
The Trouble With Experts : CJR
"By abandoning the assumption that gold-plated credentials equal expertise, the press might even change history. Could journalists have helped to take down, say, Bernie Madoff, before the feds did if they had questioned the sec’s experts more? Shirky wonders.

And then there’s the chance that authentic experts (not necessarily credentialed experts) could become journalists of some kind. It’s happening already. Take the flock of professor-bloggers masticating the news on the Foreign Policy Web site or economist bloggers like Tyler Cowen. There are journalists who have become experts via either peer or crowd review…To cheaply paraphrase Isaiah Berlin, journalists can’t all be clever hedgehogs, but perhaps some generalist foxes can start growing some quills."
society  journalism  generalists  specialization  specialists  credentials  experts  expertise  autism  jennymccarthy  science  blackswans  tunnelvision  via:coldbrain  vaccines  amateur  amateurism  unschooling  deschooling  clayshirky 
january 2011 by robertogreco

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