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Your best pictures of newly recognised cloud formations | Science | The Guardian
"Meteorologists have consulted the International Cloud Atlas since the 19th century – now, updated with crowd-sourced images and newly categorised formations such as wave-like asperitas, it’s going online. Readers have been sharing their images via GuardianWitness"
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april 2017 by robertogreco
The Birth of a New Avant-Barde: La Camera-Stylo by Alexandre Astruc
"(Originally published in "L'Écran française" onMarch 30, 1948, as an article entitled "Du Stylo à la caméra et de la caméra au stylo")"

"That is why I would like to call this new age of cinema the age of camera-stylo (camera-pen). This metaphor has a very precise sense. By it I mean that the cinema will gradually break free from the tyranny of what is visual, from the image for its own sake, from the immediate and concrete demands of the narrative, to become a means of writing just as flexible and subtle as
written language."
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may 2013 by robertogreco

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